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Found 7 results

  1. Hi, I spent quite some time fiddling around my BB, plugged on a Macbook with a french layout, I now understand setting DUCKY_LANG to "fr" is not enough, and that I probably have to define a specific language file, but I still get strange results. IN CONFIG.TXT: DUCKY_LANG fr IN FR.JSON (there are lots more lines !): "!":"00,00,25", "=":"00,00,38", IN PAYLOAD: # ISO (European) Apple keyboard ATTACKMODE HID VID_0x05ac PID_0x0273 STORAGE LED ATTACK RUN OSX textedit Q ENTER Q DELAY 500 Q TAB Q TAB Q TAB Q TAB Q TAB Q TAB Q SPACE Q ENTER Q STRING exclamation mark:! Q ENTER Q STRING equals sign:= Q ENTER Q STRING keycode 00,00,25: Q KEYCODE 00,00,25 Q ENTER Q STRING keycode 00,00,2e: Q KEYCODE 00,00,2e Q ENTER Q STRING keycode 00,00,38: Q KEYCODE 00,00,38 Q ENTER Q STRING keycode 00,00,56: Q KEYCODE 00,00,56 sync LED FINISH IN RESULTS : As you can see, the exclamation mark and equals sign are not correctly interpreted, despite the (apparently) correct translation table in fr.json. Any idea? Best regards, S3t3c
  2. Hi, with the Rubber Ducky the default spanish Keyboard layout was wrong(It used to type wrong characters). After searching a lot I found a modified layout that works fine with spanish keyboards (I lost the link where I found it so i cant remember who made it). Bash Bunny uses a different language file than rubber ducky(.properties vs .json) Is there any way to port the rubber ducky es.properties to the correct file for the bunny?(since it keeps typing incorrect things). Thank you
  3. Hi, I'm trying to use a ducky to automate some stuff on a macbook :-) But it has this funky Azerty layout (see image). I encoded it with "-l resources/be.properties" and that worked fine, except for one character: the at-sign "@", this renders as "ë". So I was thinking, maybe I should create a properties-file for this keyboard layout. But how do I do this? Any thoughts?
  4. Hello, I just finished a layout for french macbook (which is TOTALY different from standard French keyboard). I have one problem, some important keys ( '[', ']' and '|') need two modifiers to be printed on screen : ALT + SHIFT After many tests with the ducky encoder, its behavior seems to clearly take only one modifier key. Is it a bug, missing feature ? Did you guys found a way to pass this ? Cheers
  5. Hi, After resolving the backslash error on the ES (Spanish) keyboard, I saw that the {} characters weren't good mapped. After trying and trying, i made a modified Spanish keyboard layout where the main characters works. You can download the layout there: https://copy.com/b2f1XGkPFCpxKSeQ/es.properties?download=1 If you want to try if it works, you can download a test a payload that writes this: Modified ES Keyboard Layout Test by DragsterPS ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz 1234567890 {}[]()/\|!$%&=?.,-<> Download the Test Payload: https://copy.com/6PwujXQt4hofQKvQ/inject.bin?download=1 To install it, you simply have to replace the es.properties layout (located in Encoder/recources/ folder of the Duck Programming) by this one. If you want, you can add it to the USB-Rubber-Ducky repository on Git-Hub replacing the existing ES layout. Thanks!
  6. Hello, recently i tried out some ducky scripts which contained this key: " ^ " I ran into the problem that the latest decoder (v2.6) isn't compatible with the german keyboard layout. After i took a look into the de.properties file i discovered the line with the problem: //ASCII_5E = CIRCUMFLEX_BITS + KEY_SPACE // 94 ^ To fix this problem edit the lines above like this: ASCII_5E = KEY_TILDE // 94 ^ Now your ducky should be able to quack this: ^^^^ on a german keyboard layout :DModded Decoder v2.6 and de.properties are attached. Update: ASCII_27: " ' " seems to have problems too. Fix: ASCII_27 = KEY_BACKSLASH, MODIFIERKEY_SHIFT // 39 ' Attachment also updated!encoder german layout fix.zip
  7. Why not implement into the config page of the web interface some kind of "quick layout selector"? The css editor is very useful, we know, but in my opinion would be more useful to have, in addiction, the ability to select different preconfigured css layouts, ready to apply. A quick layout trigger would result in a killer feature that will help to better hide in a social-context and, in the same time, will help you to better satisfy your eyes in different mood or light conditions :P!!! UNDERLINED:: I'm not talking about a pretty-fashion-hello-girly way to use our Pinz.. but a USEFUL way.. Eg.: a non-nerdish screen while @work, maybe an hi-contrast theme or a jamaican one, a fb-ish or transparent one.. WHOULD HELP !!! (((i can't remember where i read similar recomendations too.. but was pineapple-related! ;))) DISCLAIMER:: I'm not complaining about the actual web interface!!! i love it, ever loved, it has a great charm to me <3 ..but.. i've ever made some little adjustment to fit my personal needs or to avoid some "micro-bug" (eg.: when using a three lines menu, right and left panels overlay it.. and so on (micro-on!! ;) .. and we know that the css editor doesn't affect infusions... :P So.. what do you think about that, it wouldn't be awesome??? !respect
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