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  1. Nope, OBD II is both read and write. You can get something like this for almost $400 bucks: http://superchips.com/products/gm-flashpaq-2842-2842/ Plug it into your OBD II port and reprogram your ECM but I'd like to download a program to my laptop that'll let me do it for free via the ELM 327 connector.
  2. Aircraft are hard to hear. By the time you see the signal and get over to it they're gone. I have "sat" on an area where I've seen a lot of chatter and caught em' talking at times though so it is possible. I'm still trying to get my ads-b worked out. I do get data now with rtl_adsb when I start it and go to my browser at but can't seem to figure out which program in Kali to use to convert it to useable data to put onto a map of somekind. Until then I'm just going to use Flightradar24.com. It works great but I'm sure they'll come a time when I'm somewhere with no wifi and want to look at the planes, then I'll need to get that ads-b working.
  3. I'm using Gqrx that came with my Kali Linux install and I've found a few interesting things. 162.393MHz is NOAA Weather, 155.123MHz is our local PD(suppose to be 155.400, go figure), I get a lot of CB chatter in the 27MHz range. Aircraft has been heard around 123-124MHz and of course local FM Radio stations are between 88 to 108MHz.
  4. Got the Bluetooth OBD II ELM 327 connector today and gave it a test run. It worked with OBD Auto Doctor after I had that program detect it even though my laptop through it's own Bluetooth connections manager wouldn't connect to it, go figure. Free version of OBD Auto Doctor is limited, paid Pro Version would give me a lot more options but I just don't have the $40 bucks right now so I'm going to have to play around with the Free Version for a while. Scantool didn't find the connector, not sure why, I tried a couple different COM ports, guess I'll have to look into it more. Didn't install the software that came with the connector, don't really think I need it since I have the other two and I know one is working. I think this is a pretty decent deal to be able to scan codes and stuff for under $10 bucks. That'll save me a trip to AutoZone to read the codes so in time I'll make that money back in gas saved. Still wish I could find something to actually hack the ECM to reset some things. The idle in gear is a bit low, I'd love to tweak it up a bit but since the computer controls the IAC I'd have to do it via the computer. Oh well, at least one thing has worked out. Guess I'll have to wait on the other.
  5. I know all about it FB. As an Electronic Tech who graduated from DeVry in '83 I've worked quite a few jobs that really taxed the ol' brain. Back on track though. I did find this web site: http://www.virtualradarserver.co.uk/Default.aspx and wonder if something like this would work with rtl_adsb?
  6. So dump1090 is the ONLY game in town for doing this? What about adsbScope, where can I get a .deb of it to install or is it also something that'll have to be compiled from a .tar.gz file? Software people, we need more adsb software.
  7. Windows, what's that??? LOL. Sorry but I don't do Windows. Got my fill of it with Windows 98, went Mac and didn't look back until 11 years later when my iMac died from an EMP. Moved to Linux and I've been rockin' Debian ever since. I'm sure Kali has some kind of program pre-installed that'll pull up a map so I can see the little planes fly around. There's a "modes_gui" but when I click on it nothing happens. I looked for adsbScope in Synaptic and there's nothing. If I can't get it from a package manager or in a .deb package I'd just rather not fool with it because I'm really not at the point in my Linux journey were I'm very good at compiling stuff. There has to be an easy way to get this data over to a map of some kind. Just need to figure it out.
  8. Ok, quick update. Just for grins I started up rtl_adsb in Kali using the "rtl_adsb | netcat -lp 8080" command. I went to and I'm getting stuff like this out: *f90fcea928c2b3ec32cdb211743a; *c6d7b46b295c3e64a39499f61971; *8da1e24158b982a72ed7b694ff62; *e606e3a7729e17022b5549c2edaa; *afd203b5419d0b9c134555e56114; *ada1e2619984c8222a071591b14b; *e6c8b0a5d73275203b1618d0c47d; *8da1625158b9a2e398d78f2f07ff; *caa151a304eda9174d02aad97b8c; *92e18eb5977bc27862157e322fe2; *db4ad1cca822dd110a06fd32867d; *a9b4b1a358b5f52f224cfd9347a4; *8e155b653d2f59666218727ace78; *8170cb48723ed74c1e92b64342a0; *b5882b9ad3d90dc30eada2950184; *8fa0e2619944c9222805158daa4b; *d9f9d3ebab398d79225df94b1bcc; *90bbc46e97a8db911d753e32df43; *8081662aa2dee254f4d26b737685; *b864f5bbfb23580bf424dcbbff26; *9c8ae5f3a18b01393aa358595cc7; *8bfb1f7bac6c2938b6030c5b5e8e; *8da1e24058b98ae96ad6e583c165; *906dea079ade05369b16d3405431; *8f21ea439904c822220515e30843; *d991d7a4511135933a17f343eb86; *aba9b1064ac446813f94dff20559; Now I need to figure out how to port this data to a map that I can use to actually see what's going on. Any ideas?
  9. Things do get kind of "crazy" with stuff like this. That's why I just gave up and I go to Flightradar24.com to get my ads-b on. No, it's not via my dongle and you do need a wifi connection to get their data but it works and there's no pulling your hair out trying to figure stuff out. Maybe one day I'll learn enough to get ads-b working so I can have it through the dongle and real time but until then the website works fine.
  10. That would be a start but the dongle will pull in 24MHz to 1766MHz so you'll not boost the full range that you can pull in. Of course you'll still get channels in the range of the dongle since I can pull in 27MHz CB stuff with the stock antenna but if I had an actual CB antenna I'd bet that I'd pull those signals in much clearer. It all depends on what you want to listen to and how much you have to spend. Heck, a lot of folks even make their own antennas. I saw a show on Amateur Logic where a guy used an old metal measuring tape and some pvc to make an antenna. I have some speaker wire rigged up as an antenna and I also have a power antenna that I bought for my AM/FM stereo system that I use. If you get the F to Male Coax cable adapter then you can use any antenna that you can connect with a coax cable to your dongle.
  11. Got the USB to OBD II cable today. Won't work with OBD Auto Doctor or Scantool. I figured out how to get Scantool up and running. Go to Terminal, type in "scantool" and hit enter and it'll bring up the GUI for it. I need to remember what the other tool was I installed so I can see if I can get it running and if it'll work with the cable. The cable is KKL VAG-COM for 409.1(whatever all that means) so it may or may not work on a Dodge mini-van. Guess it's going to be a learning process, LOL. P.S. Ok, found the other app I downloaded, it's OpenOBD and you type "openobd" in Terminal to bring up the window. It too is ELM 327 only so I guess I'll have to wait to get the Bluetooth OBD plug in adapter to run any of the programs.
  12. Thanks for the links. I already have a diagnostic programed installed, OBD Auto Doctor. I had really hopped that someone would know of a program to tweak ECM settings that would be Open Source. I've been running Linux for about a year and I can do some stuff in Terminal but I'd not call my self a "Geek" quite yet, still have a lot of stuff to learn so a lot of this stuff would be beyond my abilities at the moment.
  13. So if that's the case where are all the Free apps I can download and run under my Kali install, LOL. There are hand held programmers on the market but they cost in the neighborhood of $300+ last time I checked. I'd figure that someone in the Linux community would have come up with an Open Source alternative to that by now since OBD II has been around since 1996 and practically every car on the road has a dang computer in it anymore. OBD Auto Doctor looks like it should be what I was looking for as far as scanning for codes and checking sensor data but I'd really love to hack the ECM to get better performance out of an engine or to fix things like low rpm on an older engine. There has to be something out there somewhere. Even if it was for Windows I could probably still use it under WINE if worse comes to worse. Folks on this site like to Hack, so let's come up with something to Hack the ECM in cars.
  14. Still looking for an ECM hacking program that'll run under Debian Linux. Anyone???
  15. I have found this: http://www.obdautodoctor.com/ Which actually installs an icon that you click to open the program. I have the free trial version but when you open it it also asks for Lic and Key info so I guess there's a version that you can buy or maybe you have to buy it after so long when your trial runs out. Either way this is more like I'm looking for where you get an icon in your menu to show you where the program is. Still need to find something to tweak/hack the ECM to reset stuff though. P.S. Also ordered an ELM 327 compliant Bluetooth OBD II adapter just in case the USB OBD II cable that I ordered doesn't work. Better safe then sorry AND it'll be my FIRST Bluetooth device.
  16. This is interesting. So could I use part of my old DirectTV dish to make one of these and if so what part(s) would I use. Thanks.
  17. Still rather run my system as Sudo just in case someone tries to do something crazy to one of my laptops. That way they'd need my password to add or remove software or otherwise make changes that I wouldn't want. http://www.howtogeek.com/124950/htg-explains-why-you-shouldnt-log-into-your-linux-system-as-root/
  18. Here's what you need then. http://www.nooelec.com/store/ham-it-up-v1-0-rf-upconverter-for-software-defined-radio.html I'd like to pick one of these up someday as well so expand my freq. range.
  19. What freq. range are you trying to get? I know for 2.4GHz there's a fairly inexpensive wifi web cam set up that has a 2.4GHz dongle that comes with it and you can use there for that freq. range. I'd like to go the other way, down to the AM radio and HAM bands but those boards are in the $50-$60 range so it's not going to happen any time soon.
  20. I was getting the GPG error on a fresh, clean install so NO, it wasn't anything that I installed. It's gone away on my Kali installs but it did show up on the Point Linux install on my grandkids computer. I wonder if it's part of the longstanding GnuTLS certificate validation botch that's been going around? Seems like that would explain it perfectly.
  21. Yep, I gave it a look but it didn't look like there was much going on there.
  22. Ok, got all of this when I ran it: /lib/modules/3.12-kali1-686-pae/kernel/drivers/staging/lustre/lustre/obdclass /lib/modules/3.12-kali1-686-pae/kernel/drivers/staging/lustre/lustre/obdecho /lib/modules/3.12-kali1-686-pae/kernel/drivers/staging/lustre/lustre/obdclass/llog_test.ko /lib/modules/3.12-kali1-686-pae/kernel/drivers/staging/lustre/lustre/obdclass/obdclass.ko /lib/modules/3.12-kali1-686-pae/kernel/drivers/staging/lustre/lustre/obdecho/obdecho.ko I kind of wanted a GUI style program where I'd just hook up the USB/OBD II cable and click an icon to launch stuff. Is there any free tools like that in the Repos or somewhere that I could download it or am I stuck with a Terminal command line program? Also what about something to actually hack the ECM and tweak stuff like idle rpms, timing, air/fuel, ect. Anything like that in Open Source?
  23. I'm actually starting to think this is/was a Debian problem because yesterday when I did an update on my grandkids Point Linux install(Debian 7 based) I got the same GPG error what I was getting with Kali. I wonder if Debian is updating all of their Repos and this is what's throwing the error until they get the Repos fixed?
  24. Kali Linux is Debian based and has pre-installed SDR tools right out of the box. I love Gqrx, it's uber simple to use and works great with my rtl2832U dongle. There's also GNU Radio but it's a bit more complicated to use so I just stick with Gqrx.
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