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  1. Bad experience or not Dell is still one of the few manufactures that's shipped Linux with their computers so that tells me that they've done a bit of homework in getting their equipment set up to work with Linux, which is all I run so for me Dell is a winner. Of course different strokes for different folks, use what you want and what you can afford.
  2. No reason not to give the Dell D430/630/830's a look. They're pretty good laptops too. Lots of HP/Compaq laptops work really well with Linux based Op Systems too.
  3. The last laptop that I ran Kali on was an HP/Compaq NC6400, 1.83GHz Intel Core Duo 32bit w/2GB of RAM. With all the little extras that I installed it came to just under 17GB of Hard Drive use. If you know the tools you want to use (i.e. Metasploit, WireShark, ect) and don't need all the tools that Kali has to offer then you might be just as well off doing an install of a good Debian Testing Distro(or better yet something Arch based like Manjaro or Antergos) and just adding those tools to the mix. That would probably use up less hard drive space and you'd still get what you needed. JMHO, YMMV.
  4. George Dickle Cascade Hollow for sippin' and Stolichnaya Vodka with Tonic. Normally I'm a beer drinker though, Natural Ice(i.e. Natty Ice) for general drinking and Bud Black Crown for when I want something a bit better.
  5. I moved from a Debian based OS to Kali(I know, still Debian based but had Gqrx pre-installed) over to Manjaro(Arch based) because it was a total PITA trying to get Gqrx(my SDR-RTL program of choice) running on the Debian based OS(Point Linux 2.3) that I was using. With Manjaro they have Gqrx in their Community Repo and I can also hit up the AUR and download an even newer version of Gqrx if I feel like it. Sometimes you need to just move to a Distro that'll give you more support for the programs that you want to use rather then fight with the Distro that you are currently using. JMHO, YMMV.
  6. Many times they'll be a small hole, paper clip wire size, that you can put a paper clip into to do a Hard Reset. Look around for that small hole and see if you can find it. If so that's where you can do a factory hard reset.
  7. Saw some video on the news, "shaken" is kind of an understatement.
  8. I've been using Linux for about 18 months now so I'm still fairly new to it relatively speaking and I was a "Deb Head" for about 15 of those 18 but over the last 3 months I've really caught on to pacman and being able to find and install just about any package that I want via the AUR. Pacman is much simpler then apt-get and it seems to be more powerful as well. I can go into Octopi or PacmanXG(the two package managers that I use, similar to Synaptic) and they'll actually track down all the dependencies and compile stuff for me using cmake, ect. It's just so much easier using pacman that I doubt that I can ever go back to doing it the "hard way" with apt-get. Check out this great link to compare the differences. https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/Pacman_Rosetta
  9. Give Arch Assault a look. It's Arch based so you'll have the power of pacman and the AUR with a ton of packages available. It's also probably be lighter weight then Kali too.
  10. Depending on what you what you want to run on it you may be better off buying used off of Ebay. Of course if you want Windows 7 then I really can't advise you since I"m a Linux only kind of guy but if you want to run 99.9% of the Linux Distros out there you can get buy with older equipment and save yourself a lot of cash.
  11. I'm saving the NSA "Calls May Be Monitored For Quality Assurance" one for something special. I also thought it was cool that I got a WiFi Pineapple patch with my sticker order. I've got a tan hat that's kind of plain looking and that patch will dress it up nicely.
  12. LOL, I know, I think it'd be neat if they'd send you a couple if you sent them a Self Addressed Envelop Like System 76 does with their Ubuntu stickers.
  13. I just ordered 2 of the Hak5 stickers because $4.99 was really all I could afford right now and was pleasantly surprised by getting a lot of different stickers with the order. My laptops are really looking sharp now.
  14. Ok, got this figured out the other day and wanted to share. First, download Android x86 RC2 and burn it to a CD/DVD. Next, format a USB stick(8GB is the size I used) as fat32. Now, boot to the Live CD/DVD and arrow down to the install selection, install the USB stick and give it a second to be seen by the system then hit "enter" to do the install. Select the USB stick from the menu of drives to install to, don't format it(you already did it earlier so no need to do it now) and do the install. Use at least the 512MB of space to save your selections or you can max it out at 2047MB(I did, why not, I have the space) then continue with the install. After install reboot and pull the USB stick and CD/DVD before it can do the actual reboot. Shut down your computer, plug in the USB stick and boot to it. Remember, this Op System is set up for touch like you'd have on a smart phone or tablet so your mouse pointer will be your "finger" for scrolling and stuff. Also, it's tap to click with the touch pad so that's something you'll need to get use to. Once you're booted in and have got your wifi up and running and your Google + account info installed (you DO have a Google + account, don't you? LOL) then you can download apps from the Play Store and do stuff just like it was on your smart phone or tablet. Upper right of the screen is where there's a drop down that you'll click and pull down for settings and stuff. Brightness is there as well and isn't set up to full brightness out of the box so you'll have to do that so you can see stuff. Now you can enjoy Android on your computer as well as your smart phone and tablet. I have a couple OBD II apps installed on my USB stick that I can use with my adapter so I'm "good to go" for reading codes and clearing them as well.
  15. I'm one step ahead of ya' on that. I have an SSD in my #1 NC6400 and in my NC4400 as well.
  16. Currently have a couple HP/Compaq NC6400's that have Intel Core Duo T2400, 1.83GHz processors in em'. I'd like to upgrade my #1 to an Intel Core Duo T2700, 2.33GHz processor which would run around $50 bucks but I'm not sure if it'd give me that much in the way of more performance since it'd still run a 667MHz bus. So, those of ya' that are "in the know" on such things, would moving from the T2400 to the T2700 give me much of a boost or would it just be a waste of money? Thanks.
  17. You can always test what you get against this web site to see if you're seeing everything. http://www.flightradar24.com
  18. Didn't see it with ADS-B and the SDR dongle but I did see a heliocopter flying from somewhere East of the UK moving to land(probably from an oil rig) on Flightradar24 about a month ago so it seems that some heliocoptes are using ADS-B.
  19. Next to Linux, OS-X is one of the least Op Systems to pick up a virus. If in doubt you could look around for a free anti-virus program like Avast or AVG and download and install it then run it and that should give you an answer as to weather you've picked something up or not.
  20. Bottom line is that you don't' go onto a public forum asking for someone to teach you how to do something that's illegal. Anyone who does so is either a Fed trying to entrap someone into doing something illegal or very naive in thinking that someone would actually say something on a public forum.
  21. More vulnerabilities have been found with OpenSSL and they're saying you should move up to 1.0.1h now. Here's a link for folks using Arch or Arch based Op Systems like Manjaro or Antergos. https://www.archlinux.org/packages/core/i686/openssl/ Just download the package then use your package manager (I use Octopi) to install the local package and Bob's your Uncle.
  22. Nope, no longer a problem. I moved to Manjaro Xfce and found Gqrx in the AUR and installed it and it works like a charm. Sometimes you just need to find the right Linux Distro to get the job done.
  23. Get a job at the NSA and they'll teach you all you need to know. That's where Snowden learned most of his tricks, that and the CIA. P.S. You DO know that what you're asking here is ILLEGAL and you can go to jail for doing stuff like that, Right?
  24. Here's a link to the YouTube version with lyrics so ya'll can sing along. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aNQvmp87pik
  25. TN.Frank

    Linux Question

    12, wow that's really behind the times. Mint is at version 17 IIRC. Also if you stick with a Xfce or MATE desktop it'll be easier to connect to the interweb via wifi because of the way it's set up. I know I have a heck of a time trying to connect to my hidden wifi with KDE so it's not even an option for me because of it's complexity. Have you been to Distro Watch yet? http://distrowatch.com/ Probably one of the better places to find and download different Distros from. Check it out and you can do a bit of Distro Hopping until you find something that'll suite your needs.
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