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  1. So why can't we use our Spell Check here on the forum? I'm probably the worse speller on the planet and really need my Spell Check. So, what do I/we need to do in order to be able to use it here?
  2. Moved from OS X 10.3.9 back in May when my iMac died from an EMP to Ubuntu 12.04LTS. Really wasn't floating my boat so I Distro Hopped for a while until I found Linux Mint 15 MATE and was happy for about a month with it then I saw Ep. 290 of Catagory 5 and Robbie was talking about Point Linux OS and talked to Peter, the creator and it caught my eye. I installed it on my daughter's old Dell L866r and it worked so well that I now have it installed on my primary and back up laptop and I really like it a lot. Better yet, it'll still have support when Mint 15 MATE goes belly up in April, 2014. Anyway, just wanted to share. Maybe Darren will give it a try since he's using Mint right now with the MATE desktop, I'm sure he's love Point Linux OS.
  3. I've been unemployed for almost 4 years so I really don't have the money to set up a VPN with my ISP. If you guys get a chance and can pull up DerbyCon 2012(I have a Roku I watch on) then check out Day 3, Chris Jenks, Intro to Linux System Hardening. Pretty interesting even if I only get about half of what he's saying, LOL.
  4. Thanks for the replies. Yes, I'm running AES/WPA2 Security and Yes I'm hidden. So you can only SSH into someone's laptop if they're on the same network then? I guess the guys at Derby Con were all running off the same WiFi connection then and that's how the other guys SSH'ed into their computers. Like I said, I'm a Novice, not a Noob so I do know a little bit about Linux, WiFi, ect. Not to come off as a smarty pants but give me a little credit, LOL. So, basically, if I go to a public WiFi Cafe and connect to their WiFi and use WPA2 I should be ok then? Long as I don't connect to a Pineapple and get a Man in the Middle attack I should be ok then. Thanks. :)
  5. I'm just a novice at this but it sounds like you don't have a file system on your USB. The computer is "seeing" the USB but you can't mount it for access because it's empty. I know folks like doing stuff from Terminal but I personally think that Disks or Disk Utility is an easier way to format and do things with drives including USB drives. I'd plug it in and open up your Disk Utility(since you're running Ubuntu) and see if you can format it. Then unplug it and plug it back in and see if it'll show up in your Dock. If it does then problem solved, if not then there's something else going on with it. Like I said, I'm still a novice at Linux having only used it for about 6 months but this is what works for me when using USBs.
  6. I've always used "Disks" in Linux Mint 15 MATE to format my USB drives without any problems. Just have to click to unmount then you can format then remount and UNetbootin finds it just fine. Under Ubuntu 12.04LTS I used "Disk Utility" and did the same thing. Just make sure you unmount it before you format. Should work like a charm.
  7. I'm still a novice to Linux and having a laptop. My last computer was an iMac that I used for 11 years and it was plugged into an Ethernet cable to my modem so it was secure from anyone wanting to hack into it via WiFi. Now that I'm using a laptop with WiFi I'd like to understand a bit more about how to secure it from being hacked into via SSH, ect. so that if/when I'm out and about I can safely surf the Interweb without fear of having my system taken over. I was watching an episode from DerbyCon 2012 and a guy was talking about how some of the more knowlegable Security guys were hacking into the newer guys laptops via SSH through CUPS and how he thought it would have been better if the older guys would have helped the newer guys instead of messin' with em' like that. Anyway, What do ya'll do to secure your laptops when you're on the move? I'm running Linux Mint 15 MATE and I have an HP nc6400 with Broadcom WiFi, how can I set it up to be more "hacker" proof? Thanks.
  8. Howdy from Tennessee. Long story less long. I was living a happy(and somewhat tech lazy) life with my 2002 iMac running OS X 10.3.9 when an EMP killed my computer. Having forgotten my lesson from using Windows 98 and not having the money for another Mac my wife and I bought a new HP laptop at Wally World with Windows 8 on it. Even running anti-virus the system picked up a Trojan and borked within a week so I returned it to WalMart for a full refund and used the funds to buy two older laptops and installed Ubuntu 12.04LTS on em'. My wife is still running Ubuntu on her Compaq CQ57 but after a bit of Dirtro Hopping I've settled in with Linux Mint 15 MATE on my little HP nc6400. Anyway, my Mac dying was actually a blessing since it's gotten me off of my butt and back into tech. I'm watching as many tech shows as I can get on my Roku. Tekzilla, Catagory 5, Hak5, ect. and I'm really lovin' it. Many times what's said goes totally over my head but I figure that if I learn it then someday it'll make sense so I just keep on watching and learning as much as I can. I've been unemployed for almost 4 years but with my new found tech knowlege I'd love to try and get a job in the tech market if I can since I do have a Technical background. Anyway, just wanted to stop in and say "Howdy" and I'll see ya'll on the forums.
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