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  1. Hi Guys, I tought I would share some of my experience with the USB rubber ducky with the twinduck firmware. It can come very handy but it come with some disavantage; -SD card get corupted from time to time so it need a format once in a while (but I never clean eject mass storage so maybe I'm to blame for this one ;) -SD card access is very slow, about 70Kbps so executing large file take a while -The payload stored on the SD card will execute faster is the SD card is smaller, count about 1sec to initialise for every GB of total storage on the card, so keep it as small as you need You can easily write a shell script that will locate the SD card by its volume name and execute more complex payload from there so your duck script can be shorter. I also created a folder with script to move the desired payload from a library of .bin file to the root of the card. also after each payload, I call a script that will put the hello world payload back in the root so I can plug it safely on my computer to select the desired payload. Keep up the good work, I was hoping there is something to do to make the mass storage part a bit faster, at least to spec with usb 1.0? Thanks
  2. I am MAD (madhak) Nationality: Canadian Accent: Quebecer Sex: Male Age: 27 Race: Human Favorite OS: Ubuntu 10.10 Favorite Console: PC beat them all but I have all of them. Favorite Game: Half-Life Favorite Band: Infected Mushroom Favorite Author: Tom Clancy Favorite Movie: The Matrix Favorite TV Show: Big bang theory Geek Hobbies: Remote Controlled Stuff, Robotic, Forensic Cool Hobbies: Mountain bike, Snowboard, Kayak, Rally Car: 2x Pontiac Aztek 2003 (One is modified for rally purpose) Occupation: Network Engineer, System Engineer, EE, Software Developer, Freelancer Blog: madhak.com
  3. Beware of the duck!

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