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  1. Sorry guys. It was just me being an idiot. Everything's working now!
  2. I tried updating to 2.0.2 today on my Pineapple. Everything went through fine, but no matter how many times I reboot it, it always does the fireworks thing with the lights. I can't connect to it at all. I've tried following the unbricking guide. I've tried it with Ethernet plugged in and not plugged in. Am I screwed, or is there a way to fix it? EDIT: I wasn't following the instructions correctly.
  3. I'll try the second option. What would you recommend?
  4. How should I run it from the command line? With the sh script provided with the jammer?
  5. Hi, I'm having trouble with the WiFi jammer infusion. I tried posting on the official support thread a while ago, but I didn't get any help. When I am at my house, with about 6 devices, the WiFi jammer works fine. When I am in a public area with about 30 devices, the deauth works a few times, then it breaks. The log shows that it's working about 3 times, then it just goes to "sleeping for 10 seconds..." over and over until I reboot. Does anybody know how I can fix this? I thought about writing a script so it only deauths 10 random people each time.
  6. When the problem occurs, it appears to be working, but it doesn't kick anyone off. After a while, it just starts displaying 'sleeping for 10 seconds...' over and over.
  7. I'm having trouble with the jammer. It works fine in non-populated areas, but it only works once in populated areas. And by unpopulated, I mean with about 5 clients. I did change the code so it kills all aireplay-ng processes every 10 seconds, but it still works in non-populated areas. Strange. Here is the modified start_jammer.sh: http://pastebin.com/J7jmdtvx Edit: I modified it so it wouldn't crash.
  8. Actually, new apps appear on the front page of the app store for a short while.
  9. The vote is free on cydia, free with ads, or $0.99. The code may be available for download, but it's useless without a developer account or a jailbreak.
  10. Yes, I am aware it is practically impossible to brick, however, some people feel they can never be too careful.
  11. I am well aware that jailbreaking is easy, but many people worry about breaking their device. It also voids their warranty.
  12. a) Read the bottom of my post. I say why it is better than the UI. Plus, I can update the app to keep it ahead of the UI. b) I'm not trying to get money. There is a developer fee. PLEASE read before posting. I mention this several times.
  13. Yes, it will be compatible with iOS 5. The server will always be up - I have a strange addiction to hosting servers. :P
  14. Except you can't put it on without a developer account - $99/year, or jailbreak, and I might put it in the Cydia app store anyway.
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