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  1. Sorry guys. It was just me being an idiot. Everything's working now!
  2. I tried updating to 2.0.2 today on my Pineapple. Everything went through fine, but no matter how many times I reboot it, it always does the fireworks thing with the lights. I can't connect to it at all. I've tried following the unbricking guide. I've tried it with Ethernet plugged in and not plugged in. Am I screwed, or is there a way to fix it? EDIT: I wasn't following the instructions correctly.
  3. I'll try the second option. What would you recommend?
  4. How should I run it from the command line? With the sh script provided with the jammer?
  5. Hi, I'm having trouble with the WiFi jammer infusion. I tried posting on the official support thread a while ago, but I didn't get any help. When I am at my house, with about 6 devices, the WiFi jammer works fine. When I am in a public area with about 30 devices, the deauth works a few times, then it breaks. The log shows that it's working about 3 times, then it just goes to "sleeping for 10 seconds..." over and over until I reboot. Does anybody know how I can fix this? I thought about writing a script so it only deauths 10 random people each time.
  6. When the problem occurs, it appears to be working, but it doesn't kick anyone off. After a while, it just starts displaying 'sleeping for 10 seconds...' over and over.
  7. I'm having trouble with the jammer. It works fine in non-populated areas, but it only works once in populated areas. And by unpopulated, I mean with about 5 clients. I did change the code so it kills all aireplay-ng processes every 10 seconds, but it still works in non-populated areas. Strange. Here is the modified start_jammer.sh: http://pastebin.com/J7jmdtvx Edit: I modified it so it wouldn't crash.
  8. Actually, new apps appear on the front page of the app store for a short while.
  9. The vote is free on cydia, free with ads, or $0.99. The code may be available for download, but it's useless without a developer account or a jailbreak.
  10. Yes, I am aware it is practically impossible to brick, however, some people feel they can never be too careful.
  11. I am well aware that jailbreaking is easy, but many people worry about breaking their device. It also voids their warranty.
  12. a) Read the bottom of my post. I say why it is better than the UI. Plus, I can update the app to keep it ahead of the UI. b) I'm not trying to get money. There is a developer fee. PLEASE read before posting. I mention this several times.
  13. Yes, it will be compatible with iOS 5. The server will always be up - I have a strange addiction to hosting servers. :P
  14. Except you can't put it on without a developer account - $99/year, or jailbreak, and I might put it in the Cydia app store anyway.
  15. I don't think there are any rules against open-sourcing an app, and even if there are, I could release the code after say 10,000 people download it. It's like flappy bird, if it was taken off the app store, by no matter who, it stays on devices that have it downloaded. So that's always an option. Another alternative would be to keep the source code on the deep web only. Of course, I doubt Apple will have a problem with open-sourcing it.
  16. I don't know if you just don't want to pay $0.99 or what, but since you couldn't take the time to read the above posts, I'll say again that putting apps on the appstore costs money.
  17. Sorry, but you couldn't test it before release without being connected to my apple development account.
  18. You wouldn't be paying Apple, you'd be paying me. Infusion manager is already planned. How many users on a network would be accessible in Karma, which is accessible in the infusion manager. The logviewer is an infusion, again, located in the infusion manager :) I do like the idea of a continuous nmap scanner. I'll add that to the list later.
  19. There is a developer fee of $99/year that I must cover. I only get about 70 cents of that dollar, so I'll have to sell at least about 145 apps a year.
  20. Guys? I kind of need more user input before I can start writing this app...
  21. Everything. They can't communicate with each other, unless the Pineapple ran the server itself, which wouldn't work on public WiFi or 3G.
  22. Thanks for that information. I'll wait for the API to come out, plus I'll also email those emails once I have of the details worked out. Regarding the server legal issues, could I not put a TOS that they must agree to stating that they have to take responsibility?
  23. Hi all, I'm going to make this a lot shorter, because I just finished writing this and Google Chrome decided to crash. I want to write an app for the pineapple so people can control it from an iPod, iPhone, or iPad. I have the technical experience to do this. A few questions I have: Hosting. Should I host the server, or should I allow anybody to host it? Note: Encryption will be used on either end, plus an ID system, so no security problems with that. The only problem I can think of is DoSes/DDoses. Price. Free on Cydia, $0.99 on the app store, or free with ads on the app store? Please keep in mind screen space is a luxury. Things it can do. All I have thought of so far is an infusion manager, and LED manager, and a command executer. What else should it do? Of course, some of you will be asking why. Here are a few reasons: - Security. If you're managing your Pineapple over 3G or public WiFi, the web interface can easily be sniffed. - Efficiency: Most 3G plans have a data cap. By rendering it on the client side, and just communicating with the Pineapple for information, you cut down on the amount of data being tossed around. - Ease: As someone who's managed the pineapple from my iPod 5, I can tell you it's not much fun, because the web interface is designed for a computer.
  24. Cool. Maybe I'll add that. In my community, the default ISP routers are WPS crackable.
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