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Found 5 results

  1. Hi there, I just got my pineapple nano the other day and I am trying to install dump1090 from the module menu but when I go to install the dependencies, it turns to yellow and says installing and then after a few seconds in goes back to red and says not installed. Any ideas?
  2. Software: git clone https://github.com/antirez/dump1090.git Compile: cd dump1090;make;make install Simple execution/dump : dump1090 Live feed: ./dump1090 --interactive Unlike the Windows software, it can plot planes on a builtin http interface using Google Maps ./dump1090 --enable-agc --aggressive --net --net-http-port 8080 Then open your browser and go to to watch planes fly above you.
  3. Multiple times a day (normally 2-4 times) I receive a really odd ADSB beacon that says its a "ufo" and the only flight data given is its altitude. no latitude, longitude, speed or heading information is present. The signal normally lasts for about 5 minutes before disappearing. Does anyone have any idea of what this might be?. Or is it just a pilot pulling a prank?.
  4. So I was trying to find a good place to put my stock antenna that came with my R820T SDR dongle, and the only place I found at my kitchen table was on my ceiling light above the table. I have a feeling that the way I have set it up it is quite close to being a reverse j-pole as my lamp is all metal and is grounded to my electrical panel. This said, with this configuration I am getting ADS-B signals up to 200km away and I am about 30 meters above sea level. Can anyone else confirm if this could be the cause or am I just lucky?
  5. I'm enjoying this series quite a lot. I got interested in the SDR by watching your TPM episode. The SDR's are quite contagious. A couple of thoughts on the latest show. I'm really disappointed in the number of planes you received with your antenna, given the location. I would have expected you to have received 3x the numbers you did. I have a couple of thoughts based on my own experiences. The first thing that jumps to mind the the amount of RF-noise you are getting off the active usb extension cord. I had one that completely overloaded my rtl-dongle with rf. Just by adding a short passive usb extension on the end, the noise floor drops dramatically. I've also added ferrite chokes to help as well. Your right about signal loss on the coax. The closer you can get the RTL to the antenna the better. However, that's not always practical. I'm using an in-line amplifier designed for satellite TV. Its approximately $9, and adds 20db of gain from 950-2150 mhz.. With this added at the base of the antenna, I can easily run 20 feet of coax to my SDR. I'm using an antenna similar to the one you built, but only 11 segments. It was 12, but there was an accident installing it. :) I moved away from the USB extension to a raspberry pi. Hence the user name "PiDAR". I've attached a gps to the pi with a PPS signal giving me a stratum 1 time server for my network, as well as allowing precise time stamps for calculating positions of aircraft not broadcasting their location (MLAT - Multilateration). . I'm in the Little Rock Arkansas area and am receiving aircraft well over 200 miles out, 80-90 aircraft at peak times. A friend of mine, in the same area, built an 16 element antenna and used the amplifier I suggested .Yesterday he recorded 104 aircraft at once, with a max of 250 miles out.
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