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Found 1 result

  1. Hello Hack5rs! I've been playing around with the dongle and SDR# for a couple of days now and here is what I've found: (I live in Toronto, Canada, but you are welcome to try it in your region and see where it takes you) Frequencies: 163.00 to 172.00 - a LOT of taxi chatter. 168.306.000 - Heard some morze code for a second. The signal was gone the next day =( 162.392.000 - Local weather station. It claimed to be broadcasting on 162.400 so I calibrated my dongle to it. 152.027.000 - or so. Some sort of periodical data transfer. Two frequencies nearby would appear almost mirroring each other and disappear for another minute or so. Mesmerizing. 861.912.500 - or so. Toronto Police. There are many transmissions in that area, each bound to a specific unit or station. See Trunking Resources: http://www.radioreference.com/apps/db/?mid=22 - great resources to find out operational frequencies of local organisations. Available for many countries http://www.dxing.com/scanfreq.htm - List of national emergency frequencies (US). http://www.canairradio.com/ - List of frequencies used by different aviation agencies. That includes military, commercial and company specific frequencies. (Canada only) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cordless_telephone - can be useful if you want to check how secure is your cordless phone. http://www.bearcat1.com/mrscanner/ont.htm - great list of Ontario specific emergency services. http://sd.ic.gc.ca/pls/engdoc_anon/web_search.frequency_range_input - you can request a list of registered frequencies for specific locations. Huge lists. (Canada only) http://spiffy.ci.uiuc.edu/~kline/Stuff/ten-codes.html - list of ten codes. In case you want to listen to police or ambulance. Experience: I have only tried it in my basement, but was able to find quite a few transmissions. Interesting note: do not place your antenna near CRT monitors, if you still have one. Some bands are quite sensitive to the interference from them. Here on picture with monitor turned on (bottom) and off (top): Overall, it is exciting to find these transmissions. Something about it is very thrilling. In the future I am planing to visit airport area and catch something there. What have you found? Is there such a thing as in Tomb Raider and can I pick up this signal with my dongle? I mean international emergency broadcast or something like that.
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