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  1. rapt0r9, just noticed the same thing happening with my pineapple juice, same model, when plugged into my virgin mobile mifi hotspot, though the hotspot is finniky when it comes to charging so it may not be the juice.
  2. I would suggest sending a PM to Whistle Master, he has a lot of experience making modules for the pineapple and could probably poit you in the right direction. If not that you could pick a function that already has automatic start coded and then swap the script for one of your own making with SCP. Rename the file and in theory you are good to go.
  3. Well perhaps we should put together a small list of drives that will work off usb/pineapple juice power for those who want to use sslstrip or randomroll on the go.
  4. I have been working on the problem from a different angle, trying to figure out the least conspicuous arrangement of gear to carry on my person. While looking like a mobile hotspot might be fun at Defcon it will not keep you from looking out of place. So far I am leaning in the direction of running most of it out of a bag, and then using an e-reader/tablet to control all the functions remotely, so that all the cables and such remain out of sight. Overall though I think the flight option is pretty awesome, and opens up more locations for sniffing, as you do not need to be as close in person.
  5. Pretty awesome idea right here, Sky-Driving. Eager to see how this pans out.
  6. You can see the list, please read before posting. Install the blacklister module and then SCP into the /pineapple/modules/blacklister and the list is there.
  7. Well if you have a tablet or smartphone it will still be useful to power those, easier than returning it.
  8. There is no list stored on the Pineapple by default. It is reset each boot. Read below.
  9. I have noticed the same thing. I am using Mk4 w/ 2.7.0
  10. Awesome work, though playing hide and seek through the SSH terminal is fun too. I'm not seeing this module in the Pineapple Bar, am I blind or is it located elsewhere?
  11. Many thanks for the help thesugarat, I have the list working now. I appreciate you taking the time. I am still having some issues getting the fuctionality I want but I have some ideas to try before looking for handouts again.
  12. I have tried with the pineapple wifi and a usb Wifi (alfa b/g/n). Both use ath9k drivers. Ps: using Mk4 with 2.7 firmware
  13. Question, are you plugging right into pineapple or using a hub, and how many times have you removed and inserted it since rebooting the pineapple? After setting up my 4gb cruzer as described in the manual I plugged it in and had no issues. Are you seeing the indicator light on the USB flashing? (Pineapple or on the Cruzer)
  14. I know this is an older post but I am having a similar problem, I cannot get the Available AP list to show anything even after reboot and multiple refreshes. Can you please offer some insight? Thanks in advance.
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