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  1. So, is anyone going to do anything about this or are we just going to keep taking it up the ***?
  2. OK, which Hak 5 fan is in a black EFF t-shirt @ the Hacker Dojo right now? I just saw you there, whoever you are. Small world.
  3. OK, I absolutely love my hak5 shop antennas. I have all of them; in fact I have two of the bigger Yagi's that used to be in stock. However, I want to step it up a notch. I want the absolute strongest antenna I can buy (under $100) for my car and/or to put outside my window in my apartment. A lot of you hak5 ninjas probably understand the physics / engineering of the situation a lot better than I do. I know I want to maximize the gain (dbi). I've been looking on ebay and I see one that claims to be 48dbi* and then over at Radio Labs I see a nice looking grid antenna that "only" claims to be
  4. I'm not gonna tell you that google is your friend ;) but without knowing what katana is i just googled it and it brought up a thread from this forum on BT5 + Katana But you know that Kali is the newer version/replacement for BackTrack, right? So you should try to install Kali.
  5. I wonder where they got that figure tho? I may have missed the detail, but I know that Sun said Mitnick caused them 10's of millions of $ of lost $ just by looking at the source code for Solaris then a couple of years later their company economists decided that it was a more profitable move for them to make it open source. If I were that guy I would've hired an economist to do a study and testify on the real damage caused, which could be a much much smaller #. I totally agree with you tho about the $ versus the prison time. Prison time for hacking is total f-ing BS but if faced with the cho
  6. OK, I think I answered my own question with a little more research. The Fonera 2.0N is a "WIP" for dd-wrt. I can get some 600mbps routers for less money though. It can't be used as a router level VPN out of the box to my knowledge but once dd-wrt is working then it should be no problem, of course. My only concern is that someone is going to abuse the hotspot and get me in trouble. Yes, I'm sure the terms of service and/or any lawyer could exonerate me, but I don't think I'd want to go thru the steps that happen before I have the chance to exonerate myself. So that's my main concern with the
  7. ditto. also which network adapter do you mean? wlan1 just an arbitrary designation from your OS. the default is wlan0, but since you have another internal adapter it's wlan1. if you took it out and put it in another port it would be wlan2
  8. w00t!! newbi3 in da house. over 9k internets to you, sir
  9. OpenStack (http://openstack.org/ ) seems to be the hot topic among the older IT wizards at my work. Idk much about it, but I wanna start experimenting. Apparently to get started with OpenStack you're supposed to either hook up with a participating public cloud, which it says is easy, or download their developer version. I downloaded the Dev version but haven't played with it b/c you usually have to learn to walk before you run and I barely even understand what this technology is about, except very generally. I guess it helps you manage a cloud and create new nodes, but that's the extent of my
  10. that is a lot for hacking! Kevin Mitnick got 5 years which was one of the harshest sentences ever and that involved: years and years of more hacking getting not only tons of source code, but also hacking the cell phone system and traditional phone systems so many times that it's impossible for anyone to count even him laundering faxes running from the Feds for a long time, then lying to them when they came for him hacking (more) cops/feds etc if I were the judge I would've given Kevin 18 months and would've only really had him serve 6 months of it and I would give this LulzSec guy 8 months
  11. Hi Guys, One of the many things I've learned from the hak5 community is that Fon's are pretty awesome, as is dd-wrt. It's time for me to get a new router because my ancient refurbished TimeCapsule doesn't do a router level VPN and I'm retiring my last Macbook which means I won't have a computer that's compatible with the Airport Utility (it doesn't play well with Linux and I reject Windows). Btw if anyone really wants my TimeCapsule and has something to trade then you can PM me. I'm not as savvy with this type of stuff as a lot of you guys are tho, so I wanted to check that I won't be disapp
  12. I think it's brilliant (!) and hope you include sufficient support for some Pi-like poor man alternatives (I know Pi is supposed to be cheap, but when you see it in stock for a cheap price lemme know...) also maybe an irc-commanded or behind/thru-firewall remix would be awesome
  13. DigiP: Both of my bosses really liked an event logger I found through Planet Open Source. I let them know how I found it (without being specific about which forum). I owe you! telot: Right on, thanks for the encouragement --> I will try to come back in a couple weeks with an opensauce 'terpreter script then :)
  14. Thanks. I think I tried that pretty much exactly yesterday though and it didn't work for me. The problem is that while my firewall will allow the SSH tunnel itself it will NOT allow browser traffic going over the connection. I'm not precisely sure how that's possible, but I believe it's because normally I put the corporate proxy in PuTTY where we are specifying the dynamic proxy, then I connect to SSH with my settings in "Session" (within PuTTY). But if I specify a dynamic proxy instead of the corporate proxy in PuTTY it apparently still lets me SSH but putting my own proxy into Chrome jus
  15. Darren made at least one segment about firewall avoidance. Basically he set up a dyanmic SOCKS5 proxy and then put the proxy in the browser, or at least that was my take away. Using putty on a Windows host what do you do if you specify a dynamic proxy on port 111222 (or whatever port), connect via SSH as root with no problem, but get this error: Error 130 (net::ERR_PROXY_CONNECTION_FAILED): Proxy servre connection failed ? Normally this network is such that you're on a local LAN that has no internet access. You have to connect to a special organizational proxy to reach the internet (and t
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