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  1. I have 5 ip addresses from my fios ont over one ethernet cable. What do you think about sub interfaces? 5 subs on ip on each one interface into my linux pc and one out to the switch. Then getting them tagged by subnet 1 to vlan2 subnet 2 vlan 3 etc. I want to test this out before investing money on more equipment. I know linux supports vlans and subinterfaces. Anyone try anything like this without an actual router. Linux box on a stick.
  2. once the circuit board gets hit with Salt water it is all over for sd cards and flash drives. I know this from experience, fishing and scuba diving. Dump anything out of your pocket that saltwater could kill car Remotes and keys included. If you saw what it does to brass copper and aluminum you would say wow. If it kills a phone if will kill any other semiconductor device. Memory included.
  3. Fire works for thumb drives. My mother had a 2002 chevy suburban. Drive over the flash drives. I have not tried it but I want to. Salt water. Salt water should kill a thumb drive. I use the same drill I use to drill holes in concrete with.
  4. I don't know if this will work but I have overwritten drives from older pc's with random bit patterns. boot and nuke live cd and other things. Just setup an extra machine to do this with. I don't keep extra hard drives. I drill those with a ten amp drill. Yes I like tools. If you are paranoid physically destroy thumb drives. They will survive the washing machine and dryer a few times. Smash it with a hammer run over it with a car. Among many other ways to do this.
  5. I have an ONT from now frontier. ONT "optical Network Terminal" is what the box is called where the fiber is distributed into coax pots and ethernet. I have 5 ip addresses on the one ethernet interface on the ONT. Can I use one interface on a router "cisco" for all os these. Sub interface and Vlans. Any one deal with anything like this.
  6. I just want recommendations they don't have to be Cisco. The business owner mentioned something to me about cost.
  7. I put in a new router and the problem vanished. I even got a customer out of it go figure.
  8. I was having a problem with a network problem and issues updating to win 10 grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. The customer and I decided to put a Cisco RV series router. This fixed all the network problems. I had to manually transfer files. On another site I could not create a file share between the windows ten pc's. If I figure it out I will let you know. I got a customer out of it.
  9. My plan is to use the Manufacturers site login to the ubee bright house cable modem/router. If that does not work I will try some things from the sites I checked out. If that does not work I will call support. I even thought about hooking the new router up with a range to the other one. I dont think it would work.
  10. This is from an admin acct and non admin acct. I will verify windows firewall is not conflicting with something else. Thanks again
  11. You guys are awesome and rock so much thank you
  12. badbass


    and no I will not shove a hard drive down my pants
  13. I don't have much time next week I am working 9 in a row. Just give a couple of words about anything new. Yes I am a nut. What does the lan turtle do and some of the other cool things do. Thanks you guys rock.
  14. badbass


    BlueWyvern you r o c k. Kewl I had a something come up in my brain. My data is stored in a NAS or external drive. I can grab them and go.
  15. Those cards work well if you don't give out a master key. Hacked by user error. I worked at a wine bar that uses chip cards. The employees guard the master keys and the one that change wine bottles for dear life. I wonder if they use it for their own consumption. They can see what was sold at what time and from which person and what wine which station. When their friends come in the employees are very vigilant. I thought I would answer a question for a change.
  16. Hi I will be trying to setup a Ubee Modem for customers. Can I login to these and set them up to use there own network equipment. I have had no problem doing this before. Things have changed. I am trying to setup a Cisco Router. If there is a problem with this why. Has anyone set these up in bridge mode.
  17. What does Ping General Failure mean. Thanks you guys are Awesome.
  18. Hi I had to set up 6 pc's and a laptop. The pc's were shipped to the users office. I spent two days setting every thing up due to not being able to use USMT and network issues on these pc's to transfer data from the old to the new. There are some issues with drivers for things like printers and scanners.
  19. Rough day Had to move profiles from windows 7 to windows 10. It took for ever one profile was over 50 gb one 20gb the others were 15 gb. I could only work on one pc at a time. It is an office. I had a network issue to setup updates my connection kept going in and out. When I did a ping I got a general failure. On three new pc's. The easy part was the printer and scanners. I just want to know a faster way to move files this copy files to external hard drive or flash drive is slow. And why am I getting the general failure on the ping. Anyone use a crossover cable and live Linux cd or usb to move these files.
  20. I thought this is interesting. https://consumerist.com/2016/04/19/did-u-s-use-secret-court-to-force-tech-companies-to-weaken-encryption/
  21. Proxy key interception maybe mitm... MOXIE ssl sniff. The idea of intercepting the data before it gets to your pc. Another computer between the two parties is the interception device. There are network appliances to do this. Employers have long wanted to read email. DH uses prime numbers is what I forgot in the previous post.
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    If you live in an area that floods and you have to leave what do you do with your computers if you are on the first floor? Just curious has anyone thought of this.
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