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  1. beertjelief2


    so i tryed to hack my router wpa2 btw with jahn the ripper but is says that my wordlist has diffrent encryptions . so is there a way to make it all the same encryption??
  2. Hi Guys, My friend has lent me his harddrive with some music production files (.wav and .mp3 files) on it but he has somehow encrypted the files and has asked me to remove the encryption from it. He says he used Windows 10 and after some digging around found Microsoft uses EFS Encryption. I tried his laptop to remove the encryption as it would have had the key to it and after an hour of playing around he tells me that he re-installed the OS so the key would have been lost. I have searched online for a few answers and found a couple which haven't convinced me. I found this site
  3. I got the crib and the encrypted version, i need to find the key. The input is a 16 byte Hex sequence and the output is a 64-byte Hex sequence. Im not sure of the type of enccryption, im thinking about SHA256-512. but im not sure How can I do the known plaintext attack. its not a file, its a simple text Which type of encryption do you think its possible to be ?
  4. Hello guys and girls! I 've accidentally deleted some initial portion (little I think) of my drive through the following command: openssl enc -aes-256-ctr -pass pass:"$(dd if=/dev/urandom bs=128 count=1 2>/dev/null | base64)" -nosalt < /dev/zero > /dev/sda The following partitions existed prior to my fault: sda1/2 (Windows) - about 100GB sda3 (Extended) - about 100GB sda4 Veracrypt - about 700GB some Unallocated space With the above command I wanted to fill with noise the sda3 partition, but due to a mistake while typing the number 3, did
  5. Greeting all, I am writing an encryption app for both iPhone and android devices and have come to a fork in the road...(ooo, bad pun)...I wanted to create a 'Save' option to store the encrypted texts locally on the device, but after the revelation of vault 7, I am thinking that maybe it's better to have users save their texts off device elsewhere. The Key is generated on the device locally and stored locally. The Key is protected and has self destruct mechanism, but my concerns are that they would both reside on the device and then could be fully compromised. With the ability of these age
  6. Hello, I know it will be an ubsurd request because this is a hacking forum :) I'm a developer and I'm making my money by selling a program, but I realized that someone cracked my program and distributing it. I'm currently using WinLicense for encryption. Do you know a better program for license and/or encryption?
  7. Salutations Hak5, I'm S0AndS0 a long time watcher (and big fan) of the various shows that have been made available by the Hak5 teem. What is shared here maybe thought of as a "tricky treat" for the holiday. https://github.com/S0AndS0/Perinoid_Pipes The above project has been documented in detail (because we've heard that the show hosts of Hak5 like that out of project authors) and as of latest local & remote tests is operating as expected. Simply put this project facilitates common encryption & decryption options of GnuPG via a named pipe (similar to an
  8. Hey, everyone! I recently joined the Keybase.io Alpha test. Hak5 has done 2 shows highlighting them so far. Social Encryption with Keybase.io, Hak5 1715 Easy File Encryption with Keybase - Hak5 1904 They also recently launched their own encrypted filesystem. Anyway, I have a handful of invites available and I wanted to share them here before anywhere else. Its one small way I can give back to a community who has taught me so much! Reply here and I'll PM you an invite.
  9. I need to know if this is even possible. I have gotten family members to use RetroShare to share files with each other, and also to keep multiple copies for backups, but in general our internet-speeds are appalling. This made me think of renting a server with a 10 gbit line, and 2tb of space, and run it as our 'main node'. The issue is just how do I actually completely secure the data. My main idea is to run retroshare via xpra on the server, but I do not want the server company to ever actually be able to access our data, and this made me think of black boxes. Is it p
  10. I just read the "leaked" draft of the senate encryption bill. It looks awful and contradictory in addition to the adjectives the wired article gave it. My senator's office is across the street from where I work. So I plan on stopping by over lunch on Monday to irritate her staff, by listing off the ways that that bill could break the internet while failing to solve the problems it is aimed at fixing. Wired article here http://www.wired.com/2016/04/senates-draft-encryption-bill-privacy-nightmare/ vice article here http://motherboard.vice.com/read/leaked-burr-feinstein-encryption-bill-is-
  11. I have acquired A Dell Latitude E6410 laptop that looks almost brand new for £50, about $35 in your money. It has a 4 core i7 processor and 8GB of RAM. I have had Linux Mint on it and it runs great. I want to use it as my day to day working system. As such it will hold my personal details, client details, my itinerary, banking etc. I am now going to start doing a bit more travelling with my work and want to take the laptop with me. Laptops are high on the list as an easy theft target so now I want to scrub the current OS and re-install the latest Mint with encryption. For some of my work I
  12. Hello. Please help, I collect the passwords from the browser chrome on the victim's computer. How do I encrypt them (eg DES, AES, RC4), then I was able to decipher them on my program in C#
  13. I've been reading up on encryption a bit. I'm probably still not on the level to have an educated conversation on the subject. But I wanted to ask a question about encryption programs. What is the a recommended program for encrypting a file or folder for secure storage? It's been mentioned that truecrypt is no longer secure. People are recommending using veracrypt? There's another program I've seen called zulucrypt but that also looks a lot like truecrypt? In your opinion what is the best encryption program? Why? Also was curious about which block ciphers are the hardest to crack? Have you
  14. So I ordered a Pineapple some time ago, and I'm receiving it soon. I just read the FED and it said that the Pineapple can't bait encrypted networks. Does this mean that I can't get people on WPA2 networks on my Pineapple?
  15. I work in IT as a combination network administrator and computer consultant. I often get the question of "how do I keep my computer secure", however, despite the normal "best practices" that I typically return to the average people that I help regularly, I always think to myself "you know, I can think of a few ways these normal techniques can be circumvented" or "normal computer security techniques would probably be a joke to circumvent for the $name_of_3_letter_intelligence_organization". So I started thinking... How do government intelligence agencies handle security? If I did want to
  16. Hi everyone. For a long time i have been using skype for day to day communication with friends and colleagues, but there comes a time in ones life when there is a need for something more secure. Recently i came across Tox which promises these features. Maybe some of you have tried this software and can share your thoughts? or maybe make some suggestions for other secure IM clients?
  17. Do you use/know of a solution that enables encrypted (zero-knowledge) document collaboration? Preferably real-time, such as Google Docs. I'm working with a new client where I am the IT security sub-contractor. We had our first meeting today and started working on a plan to do job itself. The client requested that there would be a very high standard of security regarding many of the documents (mainly their threat response security protocols). This got us thinking about how we can collaborate on documents securely, preferably in a real-time manner. I took it on myself to find different sol
  18. Hi guys. After watching the eppisode on pgp encryption for email and taking notice of all the unlawful spying going on these days I have been using gpg to encrypt what mail I can.. However, I cant get anyone else to give a rats @$$ about it. So, this got me to thinking the best I can do is secure my own account. Like so many I have mail on a gmail server that will sit there prettymuch for ever incase I need it; much longer than 180 days for it to become public property. SO.. I have been trying to find a way to encrypt all the message already received and sent ect.. Its far to painful to m
  19. I have to find the encryption key from a list of words, I have the plain and cipher text and have written a code which decrypts the cipher text using the words from the file and then compares the plain text, if its same it should print the key used.I used the EVP_BytesToKey to convert the word into key. The IV used for encryption was 0 and the Key is not more than 16 characters long. Problem is i get error Segmentation fault(core dumped). Can anyone help me with this? #include <stdio.h> #include <assert.h> #include <ctype.h> #include <string.h> #include <stdlib
  20. NY Times: http://www.nytimes.com/2013/09/06/us/nsa-foils-much-internet-encryption.html?hp&pagewanted=all&_r=0 Full announcement: http://www.nist.gov/director/cybersecuritystatement-091013.cfm In short: They think there is a back-door in the RNG for making encryption witch would lead into a easy way for them to decrypt anything that used this RNG List of Company encryption usage: http://csrc.nist.gov/groups/STM/cavp/documents/drbg/drbgval.html Company's like Apple, Cisco, Juniper, ...
  21. What is the BEST encryption software? I use truecrypt but i was wondering if there are any alternatives? Thanks guys! :)
  22. hey everyone, last weekend i started learning assembler for writing shellcode encoders (and shellcode itself) at the moment i'm trying to write an XOR based stream encoder (kinda like RC4 but much simpler) the prototype is written in python and it's supposed to work as follows: encoding: 1. take IV xor with first block of data to encode, store result in array 2. take last block from array xor with next block of data, append result to array 3. repeat step 2 until end of data decoding: 1. take IV xor with first block of encoded data , store result 2. take result xor with next block of
  23. My gf recently lost her thumb drive loaded with pics of us, out in the woods. She lost it at a Bingo tournament in a local church. I don't think the seniors are going to upload our naked pics but now I'm scared. From now we decided to encrypt all our info on USB drives, only out of necessity. I thought of using of using True Crypt to hide files. Its a great free application. The only problem is that its not inherently installed on Windows/Linux/OS X. There must be an easier way. any ideas?
  24. So I see a lot of obfuscated/encoded PHP payloads used in RFI attacks. In general though, they are trivial to decode(Decoding tool I develop https://firebwall.com/decoding/index.php). After writing 2 papers on how and why they could be developed better(http://firebwall.com/research/InsecurityofPoorlyDesignedRemoteFileInclusionPayloads-P1.pdf http://firebwall.com/research/InsecurityofPoorlyDesignedRemoteFileInclusionPayloads-Part2.pdf (written with DigiP)), and only seeing simple increases in the attempt to hide information, I decided to spend an hour and write one that actually was not only
  25. Ok so as an ongoing personal research , one thing I've REALLY been wanting to get into encryption. I know there are plenty of "free text encryptors", but I want to get into the encryption that doesn't require a key, or any of that jazz, i want to learn the hard way essentially. Anyone shed some light? :)
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