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  1. Yeah you can download the AR software from various sites, and the xbox has to reformat the flash drive to make it xbox compatible.
  2. This is cool if you want to find out what the UPC is but what other purpose would this serve?
  3. well its not like it was an era, but you go to places like bowling alleys and aracades now and you have to pay to play every time now i can add one more entertainment item for less than a 100 dollars
  4. I'm guessing black hat but do you actually "hack" into other systems to get your items or just download them from websites
  5. well now that you brought that up, i already made the controller to usb plug thing so i dont need to buy actin replay and i have an old xbox laying around because i have a 360 and a bunch of old controllers.....so now i think i might softmod that and make an arcade setting around it... can you mod the xbox 1 controllers to make them into an actual game pad or maybe i could use the money i saved on the xbox to find an xbox game pad if i can find it
  6. Thats cool, I am tearing apart an old desk and using the wood and cutting about an inch off of it and making a huge wrap around desk for a nice workspace so whatever left over wood I have i can just use that
  7. haha yeah but there are labels all around the world that we have to deal with... but either way they all mean the same thing weather you want to own people, or help people its still the same knowledge
  8. yeah that seems reasonable. So basically all I need to accomplish this is -Simple computer and put linux on it and run MAME -The wood and paint to make it look pretty -The controller board which I heard is like 20-30 dollars -and a place to put the machine
  9. So basically it seems like if you go to college for being a sysadmin "Network and Computer Security classes" you will accomplish all tasks that can satisfy everything, such has "black hat hacking", "white hat hacking" and everything in between.
  10. What special stuff can you do with that Nokia phone haha?
  11. Yeah from what I read up a little bit on Computer Forensics is that, a attetrny, or anyone, who needs you to dig up computer evidence, such as dig through a hardrive for a deleted picture of say a women naked. Then they would call you up(not you, most likely a corporation) and ask you to dig up the evidence, so that they can bring that person to court.... You then collect your 6 figure paycheck after a couple year of being employed. correct me if I am wrong.
  12. Computer Forensics actually sounds like a nice field to get into
  13. Haha I was just doing some research and i just found out about that...I am reformatting my whole computer because I have been having problems...So I am probably going to Dual Boot with Linux and Windows So once that is done I will post my results
  14. Haha I know there isn't a "hacking school" but I thought maybe some computer science would teach computer security offensive and defensive(one of the community colleges that is close to me has a course like that) So from what I've read so far is that a Security Analyst(white hat hacker) I was considering a career in web design but that seems kind of flat sometimes and nothing really to do outside of what you have to do for work. Atleast if you go into a career with computer security you can use that in everyday life, if you ever open a business you can use it for that. Use it for your own or a family's PC.
  15. Yeah I was doing this on my own router where I have a desktop plugged in directly then my laptop on wireless...I haven't tried any others because I didn't know what I was doing... My wireless card is an Anthero's chip set I believe.
  16. What major would this be called, Computer Science? What is the current average salary? What programming languages, and things like that should I learn now (age 16) to help me out in college in a year or so? Is it a fun job to do, hours, usual work environment?
  17. I saw a hak5 episode where they made a MAME arcade for under $100. Now I have a few questions, Did they use a PC that they had lying around and put MAME on it? Where can I find a cheap PC because that is all I need besides the wood and such. I have a monitor.
  18. I'am sure it is possible
  19. Okay I still have the same problem and I troubleshooted what you said to change... I don't have a spoofed mac at the moment so that is not the problem. But when I go to prefrences and make sure that my wireless card is selected there is a little note on the bottom that says "Warning:Only ethernet adapter cards supported" BTW i am running Cain & Abel version 4.9.23
  20. Couldn't you just designate a box for a server and just save the files there, but don't connect it to the internet and keep it wired and it should be virtually safe unless someone broke in?
  21. Black Friday is comming up so camp out at places like BestBuy and Walmart, when they often don't tell anyone about sales on big items until the day of and sell out everything. Black Friday is the day after thanksgiving I believe?
  22. Would you mind posting/pm'ing on how you got it to work wireless-ly because that is what would be most useful to me.
  23. I have the same question I have Cingular/ATT
  24. It didn't change anything besides me not getting any IP's now ha
  25. I watched the Hak5 video and I followed it step by step but of course there is always that one problem in between. I got up to the point with Cain & Abel where you have to "sniff" and I only get one IP that it find when connected to my network either wireless or wired. Then when I use this one IP in APR poisoning it doesnt let me use it.
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