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  1. Here is my room(I'm only 16) I bought everything myself. Besides the bed,sheets, blinds,etc. I did buy my own -logitech speakers(2 short desk speakers and 1 subwoofer) -Xbox 360 and games -Xbox 360 controllers -Ravens helmet fathead Don't pay attention to the carpet I still haven't gotten a new one yet. I really need to clean up those wires too and I have to build my new desk. Alot to do haha.
  2. Yeah and I also have to "find" myself windows vista x64. I might as well go with vista since everything is being programed for it. and I think I might just stay with the e8400 because its gotten good reviews and good bang for the buck
  3. I was thinking of running xp but I'm not sure yet because vista will support all of the games that are comming out. and i wasnt really sure on a case because i can't tell how good it is from a picture and a few poorly written reviews so i picked the best deal.
  4. Okay so I made a new list of parts that I would like opinions on.
  5. Good luck getting away with anything illegal.With Patriot Act of our good friend Bush we aren't going to be able to do shit anyway so don't try. Go spend the $20 for netflix movies and you can get them anywhere.Spend the $50 or so for rapidshare and you'll probably never get caught. Of course if Rapidshare is threatened to give up their downloaders IP's then youre fucked but I doubt that will ever happen because they are from a different country that doesn't suck
  6. Yeah I wanted to try to build an i7 board but the more I read it's a little unecsary so I think im going to go back to my old build options i'll post them when i get all the parts figured out, thanks for the help
  7. Well I was going to wait till spring to build because it's my birthday and ill have the money all saved up by then I was just pricing around to see how much ill need
  8. Well what part do you suggest and how much because I would like to keep the cost under 900. So if it gets expensive I might as well swap out for another processor.
  9. What Card would you recomend, with the MOBO I chose it needs to be PCI express 1.0 or 2.0. Haha and yeah I didn't feel like typing or copy and pasting then formating it to be easy to read so i just posted a screen shot.
  10. Do you think these parts will go good together( i know they will work but I mean work well). I am looking to do some media editing and listening/watching(Image Editing, Video Editing, Music, and maybe some Movies). I am also looking to play games like COD4, Crysis, and maybe far cry. If the graphics card or anything else isnt good enough let me know which part is better and I'll swap them out.
  11. I think he wanted to either show off the he made a Fon out of what looks like a real pineapple or read a hacking pineapple thread and realized for some odd reason he has a pineapple just hanging out on his desk?
  12. What type of code does photobucket run to check if you are the correct person logging in couldnt you just edit that script in tamperdata or something and you have access?
  13. well I meant rougue because hes whooping your 45 cents with $145 a day it says
  14. Do you really make that much in ad revenue a day?
  15. I drove with my family to Florida in 18 hours at traveling 85mpg to 90 mph in a Van. so it could be possible. But I live out on Long Island and its closer than Florida its about 1.5 hours away. We have a place called sky dive long island. It is out on the east end (around riverhead calverton area)
  16. I just finished an article on body building 8] Where do I email it to (word document) Do you want pictures along with the article? Ps. I will gladly help format them just send them my way and I'll work on it. PM me for my email
  17. I would love to help out in any way I can help you format the documents and I will start looking for something to write an article about to make a contribution
  18. Yeah its kinda pointless i just wanted to see the whole rage that i hear going on about it at school. now that i set it up and used it its not that great ill probably just use it for tech updates
  19. What I mean is to upload your HTML files and have your own domain... So if you go to freetechsupport.com for example you will find my user created HTML pages that i uploaded.
  20. Who has a twitter account? If you do send me your account so I can add some followers, I just made an account and would like to get it going.
  21. What do you consider cheap? haha
  22. Where can I find a good web host besides Apache. I would use Apache but I don't have a server to run it on because all I have is a laptop that is always moving from wifi to wifi and it won't workout with Apache
  23. I completely forgot about the banks... there is also china town they have such good architecture to skate on by the parks and stuff....if you want to test your luck you can try the financial district but the security is high and it's xmas season too
  24. Idk i dont really use things like "hot" to describe girls that much just because thats just the ones i hang around. to me the ones that like being called hot like it because they are getting attention and probably have low self esteems. I don't know if thats your girlfriend but that is how it is for all the ones i've seen. As the ones i hang around with aren't snobby but they know they aren't ugly but more on the good looking side. and they don't like being called hot because like i said is kind of degrating to them so i just learned not to use it and ive met and dated a lot nicer better looking girls by not calling them hot and saying beautiful something that simple can change it.
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