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  1. I know it works the other way around.. but is there any way to invisibly back up all usb devices plugged into your computer?
  2. HBomb

    nmap ?

    ok .. one of my neighbors was just on my wireless im sure of it .. i disabled it and my speeds returned..i live in rural area so i dont worry 2 much about the security of it. the question is .. how do i use nmap to scan for the intruder... and i remember once i did a nmap scan that returned the compname or user-name of a computer .. and once i returned the comp names there were once on my network but not connected when i ran the scan... can u help me out .. ??? i have forgotten how to use it and would appreciate it if some one could give me the proper commands... using the zenmap gui thing.
  3. HBomb


    Can someone tell me how to preform a dos attack in detail,toolz n such. :P
  4. HBomb

    Aspire Deal?

    http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx...N82E16834115518 This one got the right wireless card ? seems to be the right thing plz link me any better deals.
  5. HAH yea ... makes u wonder how many people called and bought one thinking "600$ off!!!!" totally shows the shittyness of the world imo
  6. Was watching the qvc channel or one of them. Saw the aspire one on there, one of the lower versions, for 350ish. On the little sidepanel that tells u the monthly installments and remaining sale time. there was teh retail price.......... any guesses?? 870 something dollars WHAT A DEAL EH? that one little thing will forever turn me away from anything for sale on television.
  7. HBomb


    Weblaunch.exe found it on daily cup o tech http://www.dailycupoftech.com/2008/11/11/l...usb-autoruninf/ Seems promising and simple, like the idea of opening my top 5 websites with one click or upon insertion of my usb at a public pc. or as a good prank :P dint mess with the usb auto run thing yet just wrote me a little batch file to run the main sites i try to keep up with. if it could only log me into my email and such ...
  8. Messed with some vista computers on the campus and yea... wtf.. i like the xp explorer better.. they need a windows that no so user friendly and more Power user friendly.
  9. Ok ... i think i know what your after.. for xp not sure on vista 1 open explorer and set up the current folder ur in to the details and space it the way you would like it and so forth .(customize the current page.) 2. click tools>folder options>view 3 click apply to all folders. done should now be the default view setting for all. (at least i think thats what your after)
  10. The ones that LOOK innocent NEVER are....
  11. HBomb

    Linux top 5

    Thanks Vako. exactly what i needed to hear ... at least one decent post came of this :P
  12. HBomb

    Laptop Dealz

    I got the word that they are doing the sales earlier than the Friday due to economy... hear say... but yesterdays laptop sale makes me wonder. I have connections in local walmart and bestbuy .. hopefully i can still get me a nice one for cheap
  13. HBomb

    Laptop Dealz

    Walmart just put, i think it was a 600$, compaq laptop on sale for 299 and i missed the sale .. all sold out now .. any one got any scoops on more sales like these coming in? i would hate to miss the chance twice. i figure bestbuy and such would have to to something similar.. plz fill me in
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