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  1. well i don't know your experience with women but when you call a girl "hot" and you want to mean it as a compliment it actually means the opposite to them like their a piece of trash. so if you want to compliment her say shes beautiful rather than hot. and either way it's still creepy doing that over a website when youve probably never met her
  2. why does everyone flip out over a girl on a tech show? go out and meet your own girl...You can always watch the show later.
  3. it's christmas time so shop and vist the tree in time square...I just had a field trip to the ESPN zone and went there on my own once great food fun games tv's everywhere(even bathrooms) I went on a Madison Square Garden tour idk if it's available to you though
  4. do they have virtulization for linux box's? if so just download vmware and either use windows in the virtulization or learn linux within windows with the vmware app
  5. There are usually command lines [coce]http://www.mike-devlin.com/linux/driver.htm[/code] I think you can only install Linux capable drivers so it depends on what you are looking to install.
  6. There are usually command lines [coce]http://www.mike-devlin.com/linux/driver.htm[/code] I think you can only install Linux capable drivers so it depends on what you are looking to install.
  7. There really isn't a "hack" for it or any "soft-mods" basically what you have to do is get internet on your x360 via media center. This is for nes but i dont know about n64 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mPLIQEMcwMg
  8. This really isn't the site for that. Hak5 is more of ethical hackers who like mod things and make them useful.
  9. Hi. my idea is to basically make my own HTML based webpage on my machine only and make a collection of NFL games that I would want to watch. Then connect my laptop to the tv and watch it on a bigger screen So basically I am going to setup maybe 4 games on one page and watch them all at once I was thinking of writing up a formal report on it and see how everything turns out. If all goes well I'll release the coding if you want to copy it and edit it for the games you want to watch.
  10. Well I watched season 1 episode 1 last night and I saw how they created a way to turn your lights on and off through a mobile phone. I have two questions about it, Where can I find those parts and how much? and the next one is more of a modification do you think that it can be done via text. I dont know how to program too good so someone else would have to try it but you could probably just create an email to email from your phone. Then have a program grab the email and search for the light module and on/off i feel like it could probably work
  11. Yeah and I missed a 16 gb Ipod Touch for 199.99 im so pissed
  12. haha funny as hell well worth the 10 minutes.
  13. Well I was looking at Darren's youtube yesterday and I notice that there has been alot of members involved with the Hak5 show. So I want to know I guess in chronological order how the show progressed. -Members -Ideas -How they came across the HakHouse and things like that
  14. I feel LCD tv's are better because they last longer. Plasma tv's tend to fade a little bit over the year(happened to a friends, and have heard of it online) it might be just from abuse i dont know. the picture quality is the same i think but it's really your choice. Do you want durability or a better picture by almost nothing.
  15. I would go with the Quad so you're somewhat future proof I guess you could say for any apps you may want to run but are heavy on the CPU
  16. i installed it on windows and yes I have an internet connection and I thought it was just taking a while to load but I gave it a good 10-15min and got nothing
  17. I installed adobe air for windows, and the app...what do i have to do just launch it right? because all i get is a blank white screen
  18. I completely forgot about cod4 and cod5 xD
  19. how do i sign up for the hak5 lan party on the 29th?
  20. What are the best XBox 360 LAN party games I am asking because I might be having a LAN party at my friends and we need a list of games, as well as food my list is -halo 3 -Gears Of War 2 -Grid? maybe whats your list?
  21. thanks because i have the ms office and i cant find what the other guy suggested
  22. Im getting it right now once it's downloaded and ready to play and i've had my 3 days practice ill gladly own all you nubs
  23. Is there a tag to put a word document on a page. Because I want to put this text on the page but i dont want to go through coding up the text with bolds, header, and line breaks and things like that...So i wanted to know if there was a way to just put text from say a word document on there and keep the way it's formated?
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