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  1. You could document the holes, form a presentation and express your concerns. Maybe map out the cost as others have stated previously. But definetly don't cause any damage or down time, because you'll end up without a job.
  2. Well if your coding things yourself, you can usually make anything happen. But there is always another way to uncover the file
  3. Yeah what you're looking to do is VERY similar to bubblesort and other sorting algorithms, and is probably the better way to do it.
  4. Yeah all I have been hearing was problems, so I am not sure it it's completely worth it. But I doubt Apple would release OSX for non Apple hardware because everyone wants just OSX and no their actual computers, so they wouldn't make any money, sadly.
  5. Hi, I was wondering if anyone uses Mac on their non apple products? If so how practical is it? Is it the same as if you just bought a Mac or do you have limited features? I know on some previous versions, you can't update otherwise it would crash. Can someone confirm this for me on their personal experience?
  6. I think the only charge is your text messaging plan
  7. I just got a text message coupon from "Tropical Smoothie Cafe" which is like a breakfast/lunch place local to me. I signed up for this thinking it would be crappy, but I'm surprised that they offer different things like "Free Soup if you show this text message Sat,Sun,Mon. of this week" I thought this was pretty cool, and allows for less paper use and you wont lose your coupons unless you delete the text for your phone breaks somehow. Anyone hear of other companies using a similar coupon approach?
  8. you could always write your own in VB so most AV's won't pick it up
  9. yeah really this simplify everything unless you have to use an array for an assignment, like I have to do sometimes in class. But if not, that is defiantly the way to go, just output it in a label and you're good
  10. You always have the sickest archlinux setups
  11. thanks alot d4rkfe4r anyone else who wants one ill send it out tomorrow just PM me or email me
  12. invite me - collinmcguire@gmail.com (haha thought id go with the flow and get a wave invite while im at it)
  13. perfect thank you just the type of list i was looking for. http://thewifishop.net/usb-wi-fi-cards/50m...6s/prod_96.html is this one good. Ill be honest, im using it with BT3 or BT4 so will it be good for that? Will i need any drivers or anything? how's the range. Any other recommendations? i hear antheros chipsets are better.
  14. What wireless adapters would be best for Linux? I need something thats USB interface. and What would give me the best range, an external, internal, or dipole adapter?
  15. yeah i would probably join gamefly and copy the PC games and play/sell them
  16. If I set up my own VPN and connect to it with my cell phone will I be able to get free internet service or will I still get charged for connecting and using it? What if I used my own proxy setup, thats still somewhat the same right?
  17. Anyone got any cool things I can do with my fresh install of windows 7
  18. I read in some magazine that you can make everything in your home work through a linux server. They gave examples like "enter command" and it would turn on lights. Or "enter command" and the TV would turn on and things like that. It seemed pretty cool, but I don't know how well it would work. So has anyone done this before? If so, how? and I would just re-read the magazine but I have no clue what magazine it was.
  19. Im not setting up a server, its my home network.....
  20. Your background is sick jjhappypants
  21. I was thinking of buying a netbook, probably the asus 900h. I've heard you can upgrade the RAM, I haven't done too much research, but what type of RAM is it? I was also wondering if I could put a USB dongle into it to increase my WiFi range.....(netbook hacking anyone ?!?!) So can someone show me a good USB WiFi dongle? and anything else I may need?
  22. I tried using the wizards and they didn't help me. I think it's because I'm using a "modified" version of XP that isn't letting me do what I want. But I just finished backing up my files and im going to reformat my machine and dual boot a form of Linux and Windows, I don't know what yet though
  23. I'm actually in the middle of doing that know. I'm transferring files from a Vista desktop to an XP laptop which isn't working to great haha.
  24. You have to go to the computer the file is on. Then put it in Public Documents I think that's the name for it on Vista.
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