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Found 4 results

  1. Hi Guys, I'm learning penetration testing and need some help with escalating my privileges on a Red Hat 9 (Shrike - kernel 2.4.20-8 - test VM. I'm stuck.... I'm using this exploit ( and keep getting "Segmentation fault" errors. I've tried others as well that should work but all appear to give me the same error. I could not find any helpful information on how to resolve this. I've tried debugging the code but I'm not a programmer so it's been a pain, also tired changing RAM size and running the VM on different host machines as some suggested online but no luck. Anyone has any ideas or suggestions? I can provide more information if need be. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Here a screenshot: Thanks.
  2. Hello everyone i'm new to the forums and just got my new TETRA loving it. I have been slowly but steadily educating myself in hacking over the last 2 years last year went to Defcon and this august i plan to again the reason being is i would love to get a job in the IT industry (FYI i poor coffee weight now at america's Favorite shit coffee house) but every night i come home and work on my CCNA figure it would be a good first credential to pick up to move into a IT job i guess why i'm posting this i would love to hear from others on tip as far as moving towards a decent job at least one that pays me better then 10.25hr and i don't burn myself on a daily bases for minimum wage. In the long run i would love to be a professional pen tester going to Defcon so far has been well worth it have met like minded people and made friends.
  3. Howdy All, I am very new to the concept of network testing. Currently, I run my Intranet (2 desktops, a laptop, and a handful of smartphones) behind a standard router/modem, and utilizing firewalls and anti-virus/malware tools. But I cannot shake the thought that I might be dropping the ball somewhere... 1. Is there something I can do to test and see if I have any vulnerabilities I can shore-up? 2. Are there ways I can check and see if others are attempting to gain access to my home network from the outside? Thanks ahead o' time guys! Keep up the good work! Uncle Gabe BTW - Where in Land Sakes, did you get that OLD avatar??? PLEASE, let me update it!
  4. What kind of classes could one take in college and or high school to make oneself more attractive for companies such as HAK5, R7, OFSEC, etc. in the fields of penetration testing and/or the development of hardware for the purpose of info sec. Also are their any schools that really stand out for info sec careers and is it even possible to apply for an internship at any of the listed companies or companies like them.