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  1. Ok so I have made my self a live usb to boot kali off of, it boots correctly first time great! but then I notice my built in mac book pro 2017 keyboard does'nt work. Along with the touch pad. any ideas Thx, cam
  2. I already bought mac linux usb loader for 5 bucks, but thx for the reply
  3. OK, so i just got usb 3.0 64gb flash drive, I am running osx sierra I want to create a boot drive. thx
  4. So I dont want to use a live usb, should I dual boot? it sounds easier.
  5. are you booting from a flash drive or a dou boot? Like im planning on switching from vm to something else
  6. I have a question are you booting from a flash drive or double boot?
  7. Sorry again, it said is my gateway
  8. Guys I really really need help! If anyone sees this please tag someone who knows how to fix this! thankyou!
  9. What third radio? the wifi adapter? Because I don't have that plugged in yet.
  10. sorry i had to go somewhere. So what exactly does this mean? ^^^^
  11. I really dont know how to fix it...RIP
  12. What gate way do I set it to? I have tried my router and the default.
  13. ok so I did guided acces, said n to gateway then what? its asking me to set one? theres only one listed
  14. but it dosent look like my wp6 at all.. hmm different version maybe? or im just wrong?
  15. May you walk me through how I am supposed to set it?
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