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  1. Ahh I see I see, thanks mate appreciate it
  2. Tried that, also I didn't know that asking on multiple resources for guidance and information from people who know what they're talking about is wrong. thanks for the correction.
  3. Hello team, is it possible to extract & analyse SQLite Databases from Unallocated spaces on mobile devices? Keep in mind I want to take this as a postgraduate project. Thanks in advance.
  4. khudz

    XSS Help

    Hello team, I'm new here as I am new to Penetration testing, my next challenge is to perform proper pen-testing on a Win XP SP2 and a CentOS (WebApp) server, I successfully finished with the Win XP in all aspects as for the CentOS I managed to inject SQL (asd' OR 1=1 OR 'a'='a) into the login form and get basic information but that was it, I tried using scripts (<script>alert(1);</script>) but nothing worked, nessus scan showed it's XSS vulnerable. I guess my main point is how further can I dig into the target and how? Cheers
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