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  1. Hello All, Back before the FCC closed down the FM band to new applications, I was a Broadcast Engineer, designing and building everything from LPFMs to full power 100kw stations. One company I worked with in 2003-2004 figured out how to file so many LPFM apps automatically that we overloaded and crashed the FCC servers, and in the end, wound up MXing hundreds of LPFM applications (or was it thousands...). Anyways... I was sitting here watching Edward Snowden's VICE video on how to hack your phone, with the subject of going Black with your smartphone. In the video, he was ripping ou
  2. ADDENDUM: Glory! There's no "Edit" Button! Anyways, it's always nice to add a photo to an Introductory Post. Here is my granddaughter and me, both extreme Star Citizen fanatiics.... well, to be totally honest, grandpa is the fanatic... grand-daughter is just humoring him along. X-D
  3. When someone first introduced me to Linux in the early 90's I laughed at them, b/c there was absolutely NOTHING written for the OS. Now, I look at what's available, and I am impressed! I have a Steam account with over 200 games. When I booted up Linux Mint and ran Steam, I was very pleased ot see how many of my games will run on Linux as well. Kerbal Space Program Torchlight II Starcraft II ??? Yay!!!!!
  4. Howdy All, I am very new to the concept of network testing. Currently, I run my Intranet (2 desktops, a laptop, and a handful of smartphones) behind a standard router/modem, and utilizing firewalls and anti-virus/malware tools. But I cannot shake the thought that I might be dropping the ball somewhere... 1. Is there something I can do to test and see if I have any vulnerabilities I can shore-up? 2. Are there ways I can check and see if others are attempting to gain access to my home network from the outside? Thanks ahead o' time guys! Keep up the good work! Uncle Ga
  5. Hello, My (online) name is Gabriel Theodoulos, and my friends either refer to me as Gabby or Uncle Gabe. I'm a 51 yr old retired soul who has way too much time on his hands, so rather than waste it on frivolous and non-sensical activities, I thought it would be cool to learn a new career which I could do with my limited mobility! I've been working with computers since 1982, with my first computer being a Commodore PET, and have done everything from repairing PC's to hacking my way through Visual Basic and Microsoft Access projects. Recently, I've stumbled across Darren Ki
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