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Mubix's USB Goodies


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Ok, so now that the new season has started I have been getting a lot of requests via email, IRC and sheer volume of site hits for "Mubix USB" via google. So what I am going to do this year is a bit different. Instead of the just the tools I use I want to include the ones that you guys use as well (a.k.a. I'm being selfish and want all yo stuff). So tomorrow night (080912) I will compile a list of tools that I have updated, added, and removed from my last post and set up a new torrent. I will also take this chance to fix that poor excuse for a page I have.

To sum up everything I said above: I get it, you can stop kicking my ass to get it done.

Look forward to hearing what's new:

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I don't know if this really fits into this, but I'd love it if we could get some detailed how to(s) on installing these USB Goodies. Not simple things like programs, but you know, like the switchblade

All the info on the swtichblade can be found in the USB Hacks forum. These will all be programs that run from a USB with no installation, most without even needing administrative rights.

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All done guys. Sorry for the delay. Life loves to give you everything all at once. Anyways, I'll have the list and links posted tomorrow. The time will probably be 9 PM EST, although with any luck I'll have them out sooner. Feel free to barrage my email (mubix@hak5.org) if they aren't posted at some point tomorrow.

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