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EeePc Xandros Amsn fix


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Like we all know Microsoft made a new protocol for the msn servers and now a lot of linux chat programma's can not connect any more with msn servers.

aMSN got a updated version to solf this problem on there website. aMSN latest version is 0.97.2

Budd the EeePc xandros users have a problem with installing this lastest 0.97.2 version download from the aMSN website.

There is a fix for this aMSN 0.97.2 installation problem for the EeePc xandros users.

Just download this .deb file special for the EeePC xandros users fixst version off the latest aMSN 0.97.2 version.

Install this ".deb" file by means of the "sudo dpkg -i andherethenameofthefile" command.

(do not forget to "cd" to the place wher you downloaded the downloaded ".deb" file)


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All the EeePc users that run the Ubuntu or Ubuntu-eee OS on there EeePc's instead of the standard Xandros OS also got a little problem with running the the latest aMSN 0.97.2 version.

The Ubuntu and the Ubuntu-eee users are able to download and install the download of the 0.97.2 version of the aMSN website.

Budd need also to install some extra packets to be able to run this latest version of aMSN

Just download and install (by means of Synaptic) the "tk-dev" packet and the "tcl-dev" packet.

Ones you have installed those two extra packets aMSN version will run on your Ubuntu or Ubuntu-eee installation.

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Pidgin still works...

Thats true, Pidgin is one of the view Linux chat prog: that stil works, bud Pidgin will not support webcams (and 2way audio).

And the point is that a lot of Linux users want to make use of the webcam in there MSN chat sessions.


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