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wondering if someone with vista could do a quick test. assuming someone has vista lol.

save this as a batch file in c:\windows\system32 (or the relevant folder for vista)

@echo off
echo hello

then open the command prompt and (with the directory set to any other directory besides system32) type just the name of the batch file.

i need to know if it will run the command from anywhere in the system.

ive got xp currently and have around 12 batch commands i made and use regularly on my comp. saving the batch in system32 makes it able to be used like any other command.

im being given a new laptop that has vista on it. im heavily into gaming and learning c# and other visual languages. so im forced to stay with windows (no linux for me sadly). and i wont be able to downgrade since i dont have the cash to get an actual version of xp so i just want to know what ive got coming.

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Oh god, here we go again...

...each to their own. Asking people if [OS] is good is an invitation to everyone to all bullshit you into using their OS of choice using whatever lies and propaganda they have to hand. Try it, if you like it, keep it. If you don't like it, try something else or stick to what you know.

Personally, however, I do like Vista. Sure, it has its peculiarities but so does every other OS. It works just fine, it's fast enough on a half decent system (which is to be expected) and it's not nearly as crap as so many people, whether they've used it or not, like to claim.

Edit: Fuck it, if anyone else suggests or hints at the suggestion of Linux, I'm deleting their post. He asked if Windows was any good, not whether he should use something else. I'm sick of all this "LAWL U UZE M$ WHINEDOZE" bollocks, it's pathetic, give it a rest, fanboys.

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i got a good computer i wanna get vista ?

depending on the specs of your computer you can run vista.

Vista is in very many ways very annoying over xp, but in the same amount of ways its better.

I personally think, for the best vista experiance, you need a DX10 video card, a Dual Core processor and 2gb of ram.

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I have mixed thoughts on Vista. It does have some nice new features that can really help the beginning to average computer user, but i feel that some of these additions can get in the way of power users (networking center). It does have a nicer interface, and a more secure computing environment (but still not impenetrable, recommend firewall/anti virus). Also with all of the new eye candy and new effects it does take a toll on your system. 1GB of ram is absolute minimum to run the system and i strongly recommend 2GB for a more enjoyable experience.

After all of that my recommendation that I have been giving people has been, If your new computer comes with vista keep it, but I don't suggest updating an older system to Vista.

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I think vista is nice, but then again I have and regularly use 6GB of ram so running x64 Vista is my only real option. If you try an run it on some half baked P4 with 512MB of ram it will be shit, and you should stick to XP or Linux. Vista should never have been released in a 32bit edition.

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