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I heard you liek mindfux?


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can't wait :) , still don't see the mindfucks with the waterfall and the house...

The mindfux of the waterfall is probably something in the water... I usually brighten/do other effects with the mindfux's to find the stuff.

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Any fileupload sites where I could just upload the whole folder and get links to all pics in it... I do not feel like 1 by 1'ing.

Anyways jus check this out while I find one...


its crazy... first watch it normally...

then try it... fucking insane... the pic you will see it in color.

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That pretty interesting, soon as you move your eyes, it goes right back to a black & whit picture. Trippy...

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The ones where theres a fucking face in them, and its like 3 am and your fucking zooming in to the picture and everything. Then you fucking see it and your like o-oooo--ohhhhh-sSSSHITITT.

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