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Turn webcam into multitouch pad


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I did it with my webcam , took about 5 minutes to make the box and it actually works,

the accuracy is not too good buy it works ok (it only goes up to 640x480 which doesnt fit too well on a 1440x900 screen (it spreads it out to fill the screen but that kills the accuracy )

i was able to get better accuracy using one of an antenna that goes to my RC car but it would be better if they could give it a different mode that works on light instead, so that way you can use like a laser pointer or those tiny light pens. that would give much better accuracy in my opinion.

since that way it wont mistake the shadow from your hand as 30 touch points if you don't have good lighting in your room


here is how the one i did looks (that + 2 desk lamp (each with a small 5-6 watt night light fixes the problem with random shadows )



so far i cant really find anything useful for this but it is a good time waster if your bored

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it can by any height as long as the cam can stay in focus then it will be good, (a slight blur is not bad but you want to keep it in focus as much as possible, the better the focus on the camera is, the smaller the box can be, also know that the closer the paper is to the cam, the smaller the workspace on the top of box )

i would have used a smaller box but i didn't have one that was a good size. the small ones were way too small and the large ones were too large so i used this box

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You could make a hole into your desk?:P

I don't have any room. its filled with my computer screen, speakers, keyboard, printer, joystick, iPod, mouse (and mouse charger) and a whole load of crap that I should probably tidy away (read: throw away) sometime.

Also danged vista doesn't recognise my really old webcam that was from the Windows 98 (SE) days. Can't blame Vista really...

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Did you do anything special for the Logitech QuickCam I see you used? I"m having difficulty getting it going.


<camera input_device="WDM_CAP" frame_width="320" 
frame_height="240" frame_rate="30.0" show_format_dialog="true" 
friendly_name="Logitech QuickCam Express">

nvm, upon reviewing the xml file i'm guessing i had something in the wrong place... ran fine now.

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