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  1. Thanks for all your input guys. I thought that a food court referred to a collection of more than one food vendor. Would you agree with that? Also never thought of snack bar but your right Its almost more popular than concession stand.
  2. I got into and arugument with my friend and was hoping you guys could clear it up for me. Thanks
  3. I would post and say I didnt remember you but then I would be accused of spaming and trying to up my post count
  4. is it a good way to get a laptop or should I just start saving sorry it appeared as if I was tring to spam I guess i just need a laptop maybe I should ask where can i get the best deal Im looking for an apple macbook realy I wasnt meaning it that way I have been a long time viewer since ep 1 season 1 and as you can see in my profile I joined over a year ago and have donated money to the show. sorry again
  5. I always take them apart play with the magnets maybe use the motor for something and use the disks for costers
  6. got mine a couple weeks ago and was suprised that they sent me stickers for money i donated over a year ago now i got six sets
  7. cool I have to try that if only there was a way to make it smaller like a desktop model
  8. I going for the macbook but Im a fan boy
  9. what are you tring to do make like a psp hacking site where people goto learn how to do stuff with there psp
  10. bic pens dont write in space the ink needs to be contained in a vaccume tube or somthing just try writing upside down for two hours and tell me if your pen still works that would be the same situation
  11. I am in need of a new laptop for college and was wondering if any one has tried the free laptop site like http://www.google.com Im not trying to spam just wondering
  12. Phredsir

    RFID Door

    I think it all depends on wich door you want to open the we can talk about the security of the RFID.
  13. Oh its real. my mom has one that she uses at work not for the space writing of couse but it is a cool looking pen. I think how they finally managed to do it was to make the ink container a vaccume or something like that. Ironman was the best movies I'v seen in a long time I would recomend it to any one even those who dont like those kinds of movies.
  14. I have to say I passed math class only because of these programs. they saved my life. Also my friend and I had program offs to see who could make the best program to do certain problems. I got really good at it I even made a few simple games.
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