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Penetration Testing

Chris Gerling

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Who all has actual experience doing penetration tests (legally)?

I've got a little.

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I only care about legal contractual stuff, not just randomly trying to pwn a network.

twas a joke my friend  :)

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I get paid to manage firewalls and build VPNs and realize that i really should get some background in Pen Testing to be truly effective at my current job.  Any recommendations on getting started?  I've got the BackTrack beta 3 iso burned and ready.    :cool: 

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I haven't got official experience, but will be taking GPEN 560 shortly. In preparation for that, I have installed metasploit, nessus, wireshark etc.... then I set up VMs and hacked away.

One stunt was to set up a debian web server and host a WP blog on it. then created a invisible malicious iframe and pointed it at a metasploit exploit. Then my victim VM surfed to the blog and got 0wned. :-P

it has been quite useful in helping me understand exploits. and penetrating systems. seems that the easiest way in is to get an employee to click on a link. Assuming that they secured their wifi and network....

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