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I've had my for awhile now, and it's nice to see developers finally rolling out/working on some better games. . . Assasins Creed was alright, alot of repetition though.

I really like the networking capabilities of it too!! Anyone else have one?

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I got a PS3. One of the first 500,000 in fact. :)

It's great. I really don't know what's with everyone complaining about lack of games, it's not like the PS3 is your life 24/7. But each to their own.

Anyways, please don't start a flame war in this thread, it'll be locked.

Here I thought they only sold 500,000...jk.

From what I have seen of the PS3, I like it better than the 360 I have.  If it had a few more games I would probably get one, especially sense it makes a good linux box from what I have heard.

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I think the PS3 will really shine in about a year or so. About the time the 360 starts showing its age people will look across the lawn and notice that while they were busy drinking the Microsoft juice the PS3 got shiny.

Hell look at the timeline of the PS2 adoption/popularity. I'm expecting the same here.

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