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  1. does anyone know in here if there is a way to put linux or any other os on an archos 605 thanks
  2. DAMN IT this is favorite console accessory not your fav console
  3. sli-sam


    yea I got a ps3 and i just love playing cod 4 on it and i love the fact we do not have to pay to play online
  4. i like the ps3 but I am starting to like the xbox 360 so i might buy on soon
  5. My name is Sam a.k.a sli-sam Favourite game: Call of duty 4 Favourite OS: vista Favourite console: Playstation 3 Nationality: English Sex: Male Age: 16 Race: White European Height: 5ft 7inch Status: single Build: normal Favourite band: i like a few Favourite movie: i like a few Favourite Comedian: Lee Evans Other hobbies: generall tech and gadgets Occupation: none just left school
  6. yea I think it ment first open air case in production by a company
  7. consoles: Playstation 1 Playstation 2 Playstation 3 Nintendo 64 PC: XFX 780i Intel Core2Quad 2.4ghz Windows Vista Ultimate 2gb of OCZ 8500 ddr2 2x nVidia Geforce 9800GTX PLUS 512mb SLi 500gb HDD, 40gb and another
  8. I think this case looks amazing, what do you think? more info here: http://www.antec.com/uk/productDetails.php?ProdID=15125#
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