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  1. a friend wrote a really good txt on this, ill try to find it
  2. i wonder if god could microwave a burrito soo hot that...
  3. i just bought one, gonna mess with it on my days off
  4. phunka

    Tony hawks

    i dont play much anymore but damn i've spent alot of hours playing that series
  5. what was that old sierra game called. thieves quest? man that was a fun game, gotta add leisure suit larry to the list too
  6. phunka


    yea i've seen some pretty sweet machines. I havent installed another OS on it yet though.
  7. VLC has worked in a pinch
  8. I've looked on the SN site and found some infomation on them, but not 100% on what version. If they are used to connect to a VPN then i would really like to see the information. I have a feeling its used as user/password type key, which still makes me want to see it. i'll have to dig out my old dell laptop
  9. So I've come across a couple of these, and would like to 'unlock' them or see whats actually on them. Problem is I have a mac, and I'm not too sure how I go about it. the token itself lights up when plugged in, but it doesnt show up at all anywhere else. Any ideas?
  10. diablo I, II Starquest Warcraft I,II,III half life Counter strike bf2
  11. phunka


    I've had my for awhile now, and it's nice to see developers finally rolling out/working on some better games. . . Assasins Creed was alright, alot of repetition though. I really like the networking capabilities of it too!! Anyone else have one?
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