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open server for anyones use


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I have a server that is open for anyones use. it has html, php, perl installed, ftp, and shoutcast installed. but the only problem is i really don't use it. so if you want to use it just pm me and i can get you set up. also if you want something else installed i will be willing to install it.

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does it have sql

Yes it has mysql. And I'm willing to take the risk. If it crashes or I'm hacked then its just another lesson i need to learn. Also if I am going to keep beefing up my security and see if I can beat them. so its basically a win win situation. some one gets space I find my security hols.

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Im setting up a mandriva linux virtual machine to make sure i can set all this up with out fucking up then if i can, I will move over to linux. But its going to be awhile. And I have openssh and openvpn installed just having problems with the configs and passwd file

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