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  1. username felony_destined however this is new to me I usually go by the internet alias of corrupted_fate Name: John or Fink Favorite OS: Windows XP! yeah right... Ubuntu lol Age:18 Sex:male Country of Residance: United States of America Marital Status:Single (idk, everyone else put it on theres) Favorite Game:PC - Starcraft PS2 - Guitar hero (2) (3) XBOX - Halo (2) (3) Favorite Band: Nirvana, red hot chilli peppers, green day Favorite Movie(s):american pie(2), american wedding, american pie presents: band camp/naked mile/beta house Favorite Actor: dont really have one, but I think denzel washington is pretty decent Favorite TV Show: Reno 911 Favorite Director:Tyler Perry Favorite Comedian:Dane Cook Car:1996 Honda Accord (green) Hobbies: computing? getting myself into trouble, used to pk on runescape, physically... basketball, football, fighting
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