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Need empty .exe to hang keylogger on


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Perfect Keylogger can create a remote install package that will infect other PC's with a keylogger, but the package needs to be 'attached' to an exe file. Normally hanging it on some flash game or useless util will do just fine, but I want to make it part of my Switchblade and therfore it needs to be completely silent under all conditions and run on multiple platforms (well, Windows versions anyway).

Do such empty exe files exist?

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Gonzor gave me code? Wow, I thought I sucked at anything code, but now it seems my reading skills ain't too good either cos I didn't see anything from him 8-)

I'll get to work with the security checking part. Thanks a bunch for this little boost, appreciated.

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This is the compiled version of the code SomeoneE1se gave you:


go ahead and scan it with whatever you want if you think i backdoored it or something, or else ask someone else to compile it.

Bloc, Remind We Rever Wo Riss Wou off. ;)

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