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  1. I know how to solve this: Have you ever had thoughts of burning down absolutely everything? Excluding 99% of my life no... Funny story I set myself on fire once, It was rather entertaining and painful.
  2. Me evil?? NEVER..... *cough
  3. I figure its about time I introduce myself :-P (aka post count +1) Name: Steve (aka GonZor or ED) Nationality: Australian Location: Australia Favourite game: Wolf ET (old but good and free) Favourite OS: Xubuntu Favourite console: PS2 Sex: Male Height: 6' Favourite band: Tool Favourite book: Hithhiker's Guide to the Galaxy Favourite author: Douglas Adams Favourite movie: Dogma, Hithhiker's Guide to the Galaxy Favourite TV Show: Anything Funny Car: Who needs one, BIKES FTW Bike: Yamaha XT250
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