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  1. I think he was actually referring to how pwdump/fgdump extract the hash from the machine not how to crack the password.
  2. You might have noticed this community is based loosely around helping people learn not proving how great you are.
  3. Didn't you release your own payload at some point? :P
  4. Just to clarify a few things rpk5000 wrote We need to know what you have actually done to have a chance at helping you, if you did follow the instructions could you please give us some details about your setup (what OS, USB and such...). If you didnt follow the instructions what did you try doing? "Universal Customizer" is just the memorex launchpad installer ResHacked by another member on these forums. We have a disclaimer for a reason, but we do try help if someone has problems. Please provide as many details as you can for a greater chance of getting your drive fixed.
  5. Famicoman, Obviously you are one of the people you speak of, those who hate the usb hacks forums and wish they were removed. However, you asked to hear the opinions of everyone, and I feel that USB Hacks is an important part of this community in general. Thisiam had a valid point when he said that for particular support issues people go to the place where they are most likely to receive help. The usb hacks is a part of the show this community is built around to some extent, and the tool is unique to hak5. The subforum may attract a number of undesirable members, and this is the reason recent restrictions have been put in place on the subforum. I feel that USB hacks simply needs its own moderators, people who enjoy usb hacks and have some experience with them, I don't think any current moderator is actually interested in the USB Hacks which has lead to its demise. Aside from the people creating things just to fuck with others (the HDD filler) the only other issue is the number of people asking what would be classed as "stupid questions" on how to hack their school/workplace/uni/*. Although the "elitists" think they are "stupid questions" according to this thread http://forums.hak5.org/index.php/topic,8785.0.html the general consensus (among the "elitists" and others) is they should help rather than flaming which was what previously happened. I find the Switchblade to very useful I tend to use it several times a day, but only where I have permission to do so* (for password retrieval and securing systems mainly). I admit there are problems in the USB Hacks section and a different course of action needs to be taken (which it is) but problems will continue to arise while none of the moderators are interested in the USB Hacks section. *Although the switchblade is mainly used as a "hacking" tool, it does have several uses for people who aren't using it to hack. I do not condone using this as a hacking tool!
  6. After a little more googling, I found a program which is capable of removing unnecessary drive letters while it is running. My script works with no error popups now. @Gonzor Please feel free to post the links anyway seeing as there might be a better way (thinking outloud...a way where admin is not required- the program I am using does). Thanks everyone for the help! Sorry about the delay in posting, I thought I would have some free time after work the other day but it turns out I have had to work double shifts this week, I will post an example when I get time, it should overcome the admin problem.
  7. Could you please post/pm some details about the security issue? I'd like to know more.
  8. Cool down mate. I'm sure you're just trying to be encouraging, but some people can't handle following simple directions, and its those people who are going to blame him when something bad happens. Even if he has them read pages of warnings explicitly detailing the issue, people will still skip over it and screw up. I know we wouldn't release a payload in such a state, I wouldn't expect him too either. For that matter, if it was yours, would you? rpk5000 has a valid point, if I were xqtftqx I wouldn't release anything in this state simply because people don't read. I would however like to know some more details about the security issue and what's causing it.
  9. I actually like this idea much better than the post count, although it would be a lot of work initially considering there are almost 7000 members...
  10. I'm about to go to work but when I get home I will post some links explaining what you will need to do, and throw together a few examples to help explain.
  11. Hate me or love me, if you do not realize this is a problem then I do not know what to say. This is actually a perfect example of why we should have post limits to access the USB Hacks board, Possibly even higher limits. The point of having a post limit is to keep people like this from that board to try and rescue it from the state it has gone to, currently the way I see it there is nothing new being developed in the USB Hacks just people wanting to know how to hack their schools, work places and such. People like PpImPP obviously have nothing worthwhile to add to that section and therefore should be kept out (at least from posting), If someone has something worthwhile to add to the USB Hacks then it is quite likely that they would have something to add to this community and thus having a minimum post count would draw them into other parts of the community where they may like to help out. As you would have seen the moderators have done a good job in dealing with PpImPP, They have deleted all of his post's and banned him, However what I have noticed is many people have quoted PpImPP to simply flame him, their replies are just as productive as his initial post, in my opinion it would be better to simply click the report to moderator link explain why you think his post is inappropriate and let the moderators asses the situation to take appropriate action. I have been around these forums for a while, I may not bring much to the community but I bring what I can, some of you may hate me while others may like me but from my experience in this community I have found the moderators to be fair and when I ask a question the answers to be of use. The USB Hacks section has already shown improvement since this new post limit being put in place and if we continue along the path we are on I can see it getting back to a stage where someone will come up with something new and interesting. Removing the post limit is not a solution to stop people trying to gain access because it will end up dragging this community down further, if the moderators continue to do their job then the people who want access will have to post something of worth elsewhere in the forums. I do realise the USB Hacks section is a problem but with proper moderation we can bring it back to an acceptable level.
  12. Just to clarify, am I correct in thinking that you are trying to make a new sbs.exe (the program responsible for dumping the contents off usb drives when they are insterted) but in vbscript?
  13. I posted it on the forums a while back http://forums.hak5.org/index.php/topic,799...3.html#msg82493 I have updated it since then because you can crash it if you were to input a special character (eg an ampersand), Ill try find the updated code for you over the weekend.
  14. Not too bad, I was considering doing this the other day when I got bored and felt like playing a new game... instead I pulled out commander keen :) but nice work it will go well with my rock paper scissors game I made in batch, we could soon have a collection of them.
  15. As a matter of fact, I do have his address! :D Digital revenge only has a limited amount of joy, Knowing his address and presumably a few other things about him you could have much more fun with your revenge...
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