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  1. Complicated even is too complicated to spell for me :-? Na, as a real noob I can copy stuff, copy paste stuff and delete stuff. I can think, but I cannot create. Another small addition I made (read: copy paste) is add avkill to the package. McAffee keeps bugging me when trying to spy, so it's gotta go. avkill now runs first, next time I'm at my friends place (where I also got the drive error btw) I'll see if I can beat McAffee on the draw and check if the drive issue is gone. Should be another two hurdles taken I think...
  2. Actually most Nirtools have the /shtml switch to do that for you. Just replace the /stext for /shtml. Even an Uebernoob like me could do that 8-)
  3. With Blazingtools' keylogger it didn't help if I packed the EXE's and DLL's, NOD32 saw it anyway. I haven't tried it with the Ardamax version, but since that is only 1 EXE I will pack it anyway and just give it a try.
  4. It seems the Ardamax keylogger is better than the Blazingtools. The thing is that it doesn't need an exe file to attach itself to... FYI (I'd still pack it though with nPack or the likes)
  5. Thanks a bunch. I got pretty far on my own but definately needed your help. I like the multitone beeps, I just had three single 2600Hz chimes. Now I also think I figured out how to make the payload run files from the FD, something my keylogger will be most greatfull for :) The only other changes I made was add a search history backup and make most outputs in HTML format (looks so much better). The only (Nir)tool that didn't have command line options was the favorites backup... but I mailed him asking for an update to that (don't know any other way to steal favorites). You're a sport!
  6. Oh bollocks... I tried to implement the changes but I just get stuck at what to leave in from the old code and what to erase :-( Makes me feel ignorant... any chance for that upload somewhere then? :?
  7. Well, I'd only be interested in .doc and .txt files in My Documents really Perhaps the pics too if I knew te 'victim' only had afew in the My Pictures folder. Can you explain how I would go about automising this procedure?
  8. Hmm.. this is really good stuff, nice job on improving on what already seems to be an Ace tool. I'll attempt to implement all the changes myself and add my own little keylogger to it as well. Any chance you might upload your full scripts somewhere for us to leech? (I as a noob at scripts and zero knowledge of vbs would like to see if I got the implementation right... I'm learning).
  9. No worries :) So far the only thing I could 'find' in the exe is dat you're Dutch like me The thing I don't understand is why it's so 'big'? Is it to support multiple Windows versions?
  10. Gonzor gave me code? Wow, I thought I sucked at anything code, but now it seems my reading skills ain't too good either cos I didn't see anything from him 8-) I'll get to work with the security checking part. Thanks a bunch for this little boost, appreciated.
  11. Make it myself... that's like overhauling my own transmission... I apoligise if I gave the impression that I knew anything about programming... I AM the noob of all noobs, but I'm working on myself :)
  12. Perfect Keylogger can create a remote install package that will infect other PC's with a keylogger, but the package needs to be 'attached' to an exe file. Normally hanging it on some flash game or useless util will do just fine, but I want to make it part of my Switchblade and therfore it needs to be completely silent under all conditions and run on multiple platforms (well, Windows versions anyway). Do such empty exe files exist?
  13. Any chance for an update of the Config tool with an extra check box with which you can enable/disable your own addition? I'd like to add a keylogger remote install package, but make it nicely switchable from the config menu like all the other items. I can modify the needed scripts to add my tool and check for the *.dat file, but I can't alter the Config tool. Having said that; I have a feature suggestion. We don't all remember to hold the shift key when inserting our U3's in our PC's and we don't all want to disable autorun all the time. I'm not happy with 'accidentally' infecting myself every time and would like an option (a simple check box would do) that makes installing-hacks run only once or every time. An alternate method I think would be to modify the Go.bat to delete the 2.dat and 3.dat files after the execution of the appropriate section so that upon reinsertion the flag now shows not to install the hacks (but that kills the option to mass infect PC's). Any comments?
  14. I would be intrested to find out how to do this too, but I'll elaborate a bit more on what my goal is. I want my U3 stick to automagically upon insertion go to the victims My Documents, RAR all .Doc and .txt files into an archive, copy that archive to the U3 stick (who's drive letter is unknown at this time) and then delete the archive from the victims computer (if it's left it may raise some eyebrows or it may hinder any future hacking). I'm sure if someone will teach me how to do this I will be able to figure out how to copy other files from other directories as well (i.e. .jpg's from My Pictures and such). My knowledge of scripts is minimal, but I am willing to learn if someone is willing to explain.
  15. Hi guys, newbie here. Besides the obvious Hacksaw functionality I would also like to automagically, upon insertion of my U3 stick, RAR the . doc and . txt files in the My Documents folder of the target computer into an extra archive and copy that archive to the U3 stick. Sending it over mail is not needed if my stick is still in there and RARing will reduce size and numbers of files and increase the copy speed to the stick. But. . . being a newbie and trying to understand as much as I can about scripts I must admit that I don't know at all how to do this. I'm willing to learn and the best way is to learn is to be taught. Can/will anyone show me what scripts/batch files need to be altered in what way with what code in order to accomplish this?
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