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  1. do tell my friend im in the dark
  2. I recently installed Gonzors 2.0 switchblade, which has the option to dump the windows cache Example: *******:********************************:***:***.**.**.*** This is what is returned, I am new to playing with hashes and I am completely lost as to how this can be converted back to the original password. If anyone will please enlighten me, I would greatly appreciate it. Google suggested ophcrack, if this will work where do I get the tables it requires? Thank you again. I think this is MD5 format, can someone confirm this and maybe explain what it means? Il be googleing until I see a reply, thank you.
  3. So none of the AVs pick this one up as of yet? even if u have it pull all the passwords? Also would it be possible to add a Firefox Password Puller?
  4. http://crypter.awardspace.com/crypter_service.html This would do it.
  5. As much as I love the hacksaw worm I do agree, it will hurt more then it is worth. It is a great Idea I would use it at work here so i could see who is using a usb drive ( not allowed to normal employees ). In that application it would be helpful. The limitation of one infection is a good idea with that it will serve as a viable POC. I guess im casting my vote with Gonzor, no public release of full hacksaw worm.
  6. simple, if they were creative enough to come up with each payload on their own (as individuals) wouldn't it be feasible for the to combine efforts and make a superior product? Example: 1(an individual)+1(another individual)=2(greater than any single individual)
  7. I tested this payload again last night, it works like a dream, keep it up
  8. you would be amazed at how dense people can be (im a prime example sometimes)
  9. Thin Install isn't so hard to come by you just have to know where to look, sometimes what you want is staring you in the face. You simply have to grab it and open it up.
  10. lol sorry that was kinda out of place, can you put a price on such outstanding software?
  11. I was wondering if yall knew the meaning of a loaded deck? It is knowing what inside that counts. <scan it with anti-virus before you use this stuff - VaKo>
  12. Ask and you shall receive... If I post links here I will get in trouble so message me.
  13. Full info on Thin Install. Pricing starts at $4,995 for the Thinstall Virtualization Suite http://thinstall.com/products/virtualization_suite.php This is the simplest way to make portable apps
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