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  1. My name is Setzer Vryce aka Setzer Favourite game: Final Fantasy 6 Favourite OS: Windows XP Homade Edition Favourite console: PC (Emulation is the way to go) Nationality: US Accent: Generic (nobody seems to complain) Sex: Male Age: Legal Race: White American Height: 6'2" Status: Live with Her Build: 6'2" 200lbs I can lift more then my own weight so average Favourite band: Skillet today, who knows tomorrow? Favourite book: The Enlightned Mans Handbook Favourite author: ... not sure Favourite movie: Dont care for movies Favourite director: Dont care for directors Favourite TV Show: Dont care for TV Favourite actor: Nicholas Cage is good Favourite actress: To many to name Favourite Pinup: Amanda Beard Favourite Comedian:Eddie Izzard Other hobbies: MMORPGs, Fast Cars, Good Books, /b/, Urban Exploring, gathering information for the sake of information. Car: 1990 Infiniti M30 Rag Top Occupation: Database Designer/Data Analyst/Insurance Adjuster... Jack of all trades, Master of none
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