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Mac USB or CD hack: how do I steal a mac password? (I have the username)


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I have some mac's where I work (not the newest one, but the one with that bottom cool thingy, MAC OSX)

And I want to know if there is anything I can do to hack the passwords on it, I have one of the usernames, if that is of any help.

I know on PC's there are heaps of ways to hack (easiest of which is using a Rainbow Table bootdisc, or a USB Switchblade [like my one!])

And I want to know, if it is possible to do that on a mac.

I need to crack the password

Or (if it doesn't work out) create a new user.

Thanks in advance,


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I don't know, but I think


King of USBHackers!

is kind of missleading. What do you think?

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IMO Mac's are crappy (especially old ones).  The 2 Mac's the IT dept. I work in received to be fixed have been kicked a few times and then left to rot on a shelf.

With that being said, try this out:  http://www.tuaw.com/2007/07/17/mac-101-res...-os-x-password/

I am not sure if it will work, but at least it is a finger in the right direction.

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