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A No0b1tized n0oblike nublet....


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Lol gotta love the subject...Anyways...I admit, I'm a noob. I'm 15 and from california and would like to start getting in to hacking. The closest I've come was scripting HTML for a few websites here and there. Thats when I found this website. I've read some posts here and there, and was wondering if anyone wouldn't mind in explaining to me a few basics in hacking and maybe teaching me how to hack a simple program..I know there are tons of means of hacking, but anything will do, even if its a Tut or something. I want to pursue a career in computer related stuff but I dont know $hit. Any help at all would be much appreciated, thanks.

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Why don't you try learning PHP and MySQL? Thats a great start, or if you have an extra box, try installing a linux distro from scratch such as, Gentoo or ubuntu, and running a webserver off of that. Also you want try hacking XP, play with the retgistry and other things. Start off with simple stuff, such as trying to make it boot faster. If you want to get into hardware hacking, why not learn the art of soldering? Make sure you check out some books and programming, a great place to get them would be a local book store or the IRC channel #bookz on the undernet server. The best thing would probally be just to hang out with people who are knowledgeable. (#hak5 on irc.hak5.org)

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teaching me how to hack a simple program

Check out resource haker its ok for changing some .exe (you can change pictures ect.)

If you dont read www.digg.com start and keep upto date with general tech ect.

If its hardware hacking you want youve got to learn to soldier (if you dont your kinder screwed) use google and wikipedia ALOT.

And most importantly start small and work up to bigger projects you dont want to try and hack something expensive then much it up.

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hey dude, I think he means Resource Hacker 3.4.0...

Find it at http://www.angusj.com/resourcehacker/.

This program is useful for editing executable Windows files, like for instance the Start Menu's banner in Explorer or perhaps changing the icon in a music player or something like that. It's pretty basic, small and easy to use, but quite limited in what you can do with it... still, it's fun to play with and you can do some cool stuff with it...

Just be careful with it (just like any kind of hacking/modding or editing) - if it's software and/or important then make a backup of the file you edit because if you don't then you might end up with a screwed file, and we don't want that :)

Still, hope that helped a little and welcome to the community!

PS: Hack responsibly and Trust Your Technolust!

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What I would suggest is to just read. Every day. Things like digg.com or slashdot.org (read the comments, they taught me more than the actual article). And expriment.

Learning about computers takes a long time, and what I'm guessing your lacking is the basic grounding with computers. This will come with exposure to the field. Its not an easy ride but if you apply yourself it is rewarding. Some of us here have been using computers since before you are born, and some of us are in the same boat as you.

The first thing I'd teach yourself is how to reinstall windows. By playing with settings and hacking around with your computer your bound to break something sooner or later. So learning this skill now will save you some heart ache down the line.

What usually helps is having a goal, something to aim towards. IE building a media center, arcade box, file server or computerized-device-you-just-kinda-built. The process of being able to learn is an important geek skill.

As for linux, its not that important at your stage, you need to become comftable messing around with computers first.

Just be polite, ask inteligent questions, read and google and you'll get there mate.

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try this...if you want to change text on your win xp start button


I changed it from start to finish :)...

have fun, and backup your stuff

ooo man u basterd i did that to lol

http://www.icefortress.com/ this is a fairly good site that i have gotten a lot of info from try the challenges most of them are easy but some of them are just evil and they give you a way of looking at things


its all in the source

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