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New presidential candidacy Idea.


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Hey guys I had an idea of how a new kind of presidential candidate that would address some of the concerns of a new generation of Americans. I have been thinking about this for a long while and I have refined some of my ideas so that they are more reasonable. If you don't live in the USA your feed back is welcome also. Thank you everyone.

One night I was watching a presidential debate and became infuriated at their flimsy answers. I was angered even more so at  the generic predictable questions and I though that we need to get rid of the current system of filtering the questions that reach the candidates. There should be a semi open forum for reasonable questions to be displayed and answered.

-The idea would be something like you send in your questions and the ones that are

                unique and reasonable will be posted on a website for the people to read. If the candidate

                doesn't post the questions or answers with a bogus answer the people can use this as

                  another tool to gauge the potential president.

This would be only a tool to give the voters a better picture. Along with potential limitations to campaign budgets would hopefully force the candidates to spend the money they do have on important issues and to not squander it on mud slinging. And for people who don't have internet access there would be a periodical published on a reasonable schedule which people would have to pay for. (They would have to pay for it to help cover the costs incurred and because the people with internet access actually pay for their access to this information via ISP costs.) To keep in the tradition of everyone being equal people who can not afford or who do not want to pay for either of the before mentioned services will be able to read them in a local library at no charge.  This process would have to be of course monitored by an independent group which had no hand in the election process. (aka not an appointed official but an elected group of intelligent people with a long background and education in political science and like studies.)

-Of course this post being on a tech forum I will bring up the idea of what if web based

                attacks towards candidates' pages were to run ramped? There are ways of protecting these

                sites which would be government maintained from malicious attack. The sites would have

to be either exactly the same if not very closely similar to keep it about the issues and not about the flair of the site.

I think that initiation of such this plan or even any plan that changes the system of how the USA selects its presidents would need a huge following by the public. This may take a decade or so. I believe that a candidate that met all of the federal criteria for being an independent party candidate and used the internet to proliferate his message in a truthful manor will gain the backing of online users. (It would have to be independent because the Democrats and the Republicans would never go for such an idea.) Once their popularity becomes more and more prominent the main stream media will catch on and report it as a juicy story. This will give it a vast amount more publicity then the internet could offer alone. Then hopefully the bandwagon will grow to encompass the mass population.

This is still a preliminary idea and only encompasses a small section of some possible election reforms. This is not however a call to some sort of arms against anyone. These ideas are meant as ideas to work within or to possibly reform current election procedures and to peacefully think of alternatives to a current system.

Theatrically even people who are not citizens of the United States could ask candidates reasonable questions. This would enhance the process by asking the candidates about their ideas of certain foreign policies and plans for new ones. This would, in the end, enhance the election process and assist the American people in voting for someone who actually holds their same ideas.

Unfortunately the two party system has limitations that a three or four party system could alleviate. This being our, the US', current predicament can not be solved in one decade but will take much longer.

In an even called The Best Ranger Competition US rangers do tough tasks as fast as they can to get the overall fastest time. At the end whoever gets the fastest over all time wins. If one group can not finish a task the team is penalized with 6 or so seconds added to their over all time. In this system if a candidate cheated or spent more money then was alloted to them then they would receive a penalty which would be a subtraction of votes that were in their favor.

As I said These are just ideas that I wanted to run by some people and see what they think of them.

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I say we tie them all up in seperate rooms and video tape the questions and answers taken from anyone who has a question, and they arent allowed to hear what the other potentials answers are. No debate. Just strait talk. Sort of "we have ways to make you talk" kind of thing. Keep them under the "bright light" and only let them leave after we get some answers!

Hell, they work for us to begin with, the least they could do is what we ask of them. In other countries, the government is afraid of the people and the people protest everything at the drop of a hat. Here in the good ol'US of A, we fear our government, and have lost complete control over the people running it. Where is universal healthcare? Where is the real education our kids need? Free College like in other countries! Food and Housing for everyone, including the people after Katrina! Our government has turned the world against us. Our politicians have let us down at every turn, and we are the nation falling behind the world in every aspect, except military. We have become a military state who's only goal is to control the minds of others and do the bidding of the man in charge. Secret wiretaps, illegal search and seizure, no control over immigration, no child left behind is every child pushed trhough by bending the requirements to fit each school district, poor healthcare(go see sicko) to th point that we push people out on the street when they cannot pay or have no insurance. This is no longer the land of the free and home of the brave.

It's become the everyone for themself and forget who got us here.

Here is some questions I would ask. What about the people who volunteered on 9/11? Hundres of people with lung diseases and other ailments, only to have the government turn their back on them in their time of need. Why are we still in Iraq? Why do gas prices go up and down month to month like a yoyo? Why does most of the world hate us? What is really going on in the White House? Where is universal healthcare? Where is the light at the end of the tunnel? Why is everything now a 401k when they know the bottom can fall out at any moment? Who is watchign our borders? Who is defending us from terror because I feel no safer today than I did before 9/11? Where is Bin Laden? Why is he still alive? What about the people in New Orleans! Why do many of them still live in tents? Where did all the money go set aside for the Katrina victims? Where did all the money go from the 9/11 fund? Why is George Bush still in the White House when he has yet to accomplish one domestic task he set out to do(aside from his illegal wire taps and war with a country that never attacked us)?

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What is really going on in the White House?

I demand a web cam.

It would be nice to have control like the http://controlourjunk.com/control.php webcam/robotic arm, so I can smack ol'George in the balls while he sleeps.

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The best way to clean up politics is to drastically tighten the rules on lobbying, make politicians financial records transparent and limit campaign funding and donations.

I'd rather tie some electrodes to their balls and every time they f*ck up, hit the button and light their nuts on fire.

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This was meant as a new way to campaign to let the people actually decide the victor and not  the loudest voice in the crowd mentality.

People are stupid. Democracy is in essence mob rule of the lowest common demonitiator if you lack an educated populace.

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People are stupid. Democracy is in essence mob rule of the lowest common demonitiator if you lack an educated populace.

Which is why the US is a Democratic Republic.

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The US's higher political system relies on some of the same governmental attributes as Soviet Russia's higher up poloticians. Despite the fact that each government has issues at many levels of operation, right now the main similarity which is contributing the most to each countries downfall is the corruption of the highest levels of operations. The base system is sound and does work with the truthful effort of those who are reasonably nationalistic. (Not an extremist) The problem goes back to the lesson everyone here has probably heard, that if you give a man absolute   power it will corrupt him absolutely. There is a reason why it is man and not Soviet Russian man or anyone else. This issue permeates cultures and countries it is just a level at which it happens. The US's system does need some alterations mainly on the election process.  If you change the way that presidents are chosen then you want to aim that towards a different kind of leader which the potential process would appeal. The main Idea of the potential alterations would be to force the truth out in the open through a slightly filtered open public forum, slightly filtered to prevent questions that aren't appropriate for public view. (Such as posting something about an irrelevant sexual event someone does with their girlfriend) Theoretically the election process changing would alter the type of president and they would make appropriate governmental changes. Alterations to the US's system over the decades made to improve the system are now hindering the truthful application of parts of the government starting from the top. Unfortunately the current political leaders were elected via this gimped system and if they have won using this system, why change to a new system in which you might loose.

Another analogy everyone has heard was a comparison between Rome and the US. This only proves that it is not the fault of America but the level of corruption that is found in countries that reach a certain logistical size. While technology develops it makes the potential logistical size larger. However the system in which the current government in the US relies upon is on of a technological status of 1905, minus those goof boxes, I mean those electronic voting booths. The political system is dodging the fact that the their technological updates are in the wrong fields. It is not the actual voting procedure that needs updating, we have very basic machines that can count paper votes. It is higher in the hierarchical system that needs to be changed. The electoral college needs to be dissolved because it was created to help the election process's speed due to lack of fast enough communication devices to transport voting numbers. Now that that is no longer an issue everyone's vote can start being counted again. Since in that system if you are not in the voting majority then your vote doesn't count. But back to topic of this paragraph, it is not America (US) as a whole that is an issue but the weakness of man to want to remove himself from a comfortable position. This position is of course the comfortable job and life that most Americans rest in. But numbers will help offset the fear associated with leaving this comfortable lull and assist the longevity and the truthful usage of the US's founding fathers' ideals.

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