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Slow down a network


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Hey, I was just wondering if anyone out there knew of any ways to slow down a network.

Say I have files on machine XYZ and want to copy them onto ABC, but want to do it was 10Mbps rather than 100Mbps, does anyone know of a way how to do this?

There are several reasons for wanting to do this.

1) I get nagged at by everyone at work when I do a backup for maxing out the network when all they do is share their 20KB word documents...

2) it makes it seem like I'm doing work for 10 times as long :P

Ok, maybe that's a couple of reasons then, but I believe they are both good and valid ones... kind of.

Should note, sorry if this is in the wrong section >.< and thanks to anyone who moves it to the correct one.


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I guess you should try reducing the TCP Window size,

to increase the number of acknowledgements.

"Reducing the TCP Window size effectively causes an acknowledgment to

be sent to the sender for data received sooner. This will lower the

possibility that the sender will time out while waiting for an

acknowledgment. However it will also increase the amount of network

traffic and cause slower throughput. "


Set the TCP Window Size for All Network Adapters


Well at least if I am completely wrong and totally

off topic, someone

with a slow network connection might find this useful

and do the opposite.

Netlimiter (http://www.netlimiter.com/) claims to do what want and is

inexpensive shareware. I have not tried it so, if you do, I would

appreciate a follow up on how it performed.


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oooooh my favorite, get 10 computers and do the repeat ping command in dos lol. i forgot what goes after "ping -" because i havent done it in a while. don't try this because it could get u into a lot of trouble.

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