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  1. Yeah, Chirstmas was a bummer. I couldn't stop thinking about my ex. We split a month before. I got to spend sometime with my family and got a few decent presents, so I guess it wasn't a total wash.
  2. I recently downgraded to, I think? Whatever was mentioned in the other thread.
  3. Yeah, I've noticed that sometimes what files are named as are not actually the song. It's kind of annoying, but I haven't bothered to look into that matter. So, obviously it's not annoying enough.
  4. 3 old servers you say? I'd say pull and "office space" on them.
  5. EMPs are typical made out of freaking big/powerful elecromagnets. Or are the result of a nuclear explosion. I'm not going into anymore detail then that.
  6. Interesting idea I think you're getting at. A sort of Network Scanner that searchs for USB drives. I like it! Maybe I should dust some of my old code off the shelf and give this project a whirl. Hmm...
  7. Damn I was hoping that really wasn't the case. You're totally right though, the artists should totally sue the RIAA. Silly middlemen.
  8. Wait... So let me get this straight. She has to pay $222,000 to the RIAA? The article said they're a lobbying group. Are they going to turn over the money to the various record companies? Or just keep it for themselves? If a bank gets robbed who goes after the robbers? The Bank's Lobbyists, The Bank, or Law Enforcement? I don't have a law degree or anything, but this sounds completely backwards.
  9. I knew I had that receipt somewhere: I, Rogelio Oliva sell one (1) shortwave radio to Che Guevara for two (2) chickens and three (3) ounces of funky green.
  10. McD's screws up my order enough as it is...
  11. Maybe if it actually did something. IE and Firefox no workey.
  12. I hate to recommend it, but AIM has a feature in it were you can share a folder with your buddies. If you saved your vids in it, your friend could d/l them whenever he wanted. That is if his college doesn't block the port.
  13. associate the exe extension with notepad? :P Wouldn't that cause notepad to try and open notepad with notepad that would try and open notepad with notepad .......
  14. Harmony - Firefox w/ Flash 8 & Internet Explorer w/ Flash 9 After doing the setup for pandora's jar you might notice that IE constantly asks you to upgrade to the latest version of Flash. Needless to say this gets old fast, but I've found a solution! It boils down to the fact that Mozilla browsers have Flash as a plugin, but with IE it is an ActiveX component. Here is a link to an install from Adobe that has ONLY the ActiveX component upgrade, and doesn't effect the version installed in Mozilla browsers. Flash 9 ActiveX Installer Link: http://fpdownload.macromedia.com/get/flash...
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