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new Network admin /Secuirty lappy


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Lazy mans option, I’m not a Ubuntu fan but if you’re buying a laptop and you want to know everything will work out of the box, this company offers that.


Those prices seem a might bit steep considering your getting a free OS. I paid 700 for a new laptop and it came with Windows XP MCE, and considering they are putting in Ubuntu, you would think the cost would come down a little, when comparable Laptops with the same features go for less.

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The first issue is battery life. Try to look around and DO NOT get a laptop that has the power always going through the batter before it goes to the system. Older Dell's and some Toshiba's have it to where if the batter isn't in then the system it doesn't start up. Avoid laptops that do this because they eat through batteries.

The next issue is the ability for linux to have all the drivers for all of the system's hardware. First determine which distro you want to use. If you are a network admin I would either suggest redhat for normal network administration and maintenance or some security distro like backtrack 2 for network security assessments. Go to their site and look for supported hardware drivers. Redhat will most likely cover you with what drivers you need. Backtrack 2 will also most likely support all of your new laptop's hardware except things like webcams and sometimes network cards.

As far as quality, that is a tough one since everyone has their own person experience with every manufacturer. I would suggest the Sony Vaio VGN-C250N/B. I have used this computer on many occasions and found everything down to the feel of the keyboard is awesome. Vaios have been known for being expensive because of their name but this one, in my experience ranks up there. Or I would suggest the Gateway NX570X. Gateways have been getting a lot better in recent years in terms of over all quality and support. I would recommend almost any Gateway but this model looks like it would fit your needs perfectly. And it starts at $599.99 VS. the Vaio's $1,549.99.

If you are planning on putting any version of windows other then another version of Vista on your new laptop look to see if the drivers are available before you install the other version. It's a bitch to find a driver that isn't out there.

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Dell Inspiron 2200 run great with Debian and Knoppix had problems with my wifi until I got Debian 4.0 Etch :)

Live Distros are the training wheels for the *nix, you got take them of some time and ride on you own ;)

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Get a Dell threw there corporate side or threw a reseller like europc.co.uk, you can get things like a next day, on-site hardware replacement instead of the bundled software crap most places will force upon you.

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