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  1. look what I found under the tree
  2. Looking forward to seeing lots of LEDs :) looks like its going to be a good show much better quality than first episode but hey 6 years of camera improvements :)
  3. Lots of corporations have internal web servers That you can log into when you get to work this would be just the same thing
  4. do you really want people to know your RL info???
  5. Did you guys totally miss the fact that these are million dollar cars. Ferrari's and Lamborghini's.
  6. What's up bro, I have accepted your friend request.

  7. I'd like to take a tablet Ipad like and try and shrinkwrap it, Don't know if that would hurt the touch screen or if it would be truly waterproof.
  8. vacuum or sometime a can O air :)
  9. one of the best ways to stop him from going to those naughty site is to set the computer up somewhere public like the living room where hes not going to do anything if someone is in the room or might walk in on him.
  10. Zooming in a movie is realy easy look at VLC under the video/zoom there's 1/4, 1/2, original and double size. now when you double the size the quality goes to hell
  11. I love my Archos I have the 5IT if you wait a bit new ones are comeing out with android 2.2 I want my froyo :)
  12. anyone else think that Mario looks likeRon Jeremy:)
  13. no he just open mouth kisses every green skinned alien he come across ;)
  14. I LOVE MY ARCHOS IT!!!!!! I've had it for almost a year now. Its the only media player with 3D graphics accelerator and open GL. the only thing I would like to see on it is the FroYo android 2.2 will not likely come out on the 7gen. :(:( they just released the 8th gen with even better hardware so if your going to get one wait abit and get the 8th gen. I originally got it with the intention using it as a portable wifi sniffer, wireshark for android. but I couldn't any good software for it. and by that time I fell in love with the archos media player software and the specialized graphics. If I root it then I loose the software that take advantage of the acceleration :(:( or if you want a cheap one the prices on gen 7 are dropping. this is the one I have Archos 5 IT
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