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i need some ideas on to unblock something


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hello guys i am going to a friends house to see wat his dad does to block his msn. ok his dad blocks msn when he is pissed of with him my teory on this is he logs on the router and blocks the port that msn is running on, any other methods on doing so share with me. Now if he blocks the ports i can just use something other than messenger something like gaim. any ideas on how else he can block it plz reply im going to his home in about 2 hours


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ok, here's a few links you may wanto check out




all of which are blocked at my college, except the previously blocked http://webmessenger.msn.com/ is now unblocked :D

you may also find the downloadable client list handy


i am sure there's more on wikipedia as well

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hay i went over his house yesterday yer i told him bout meebo ye is loving it his dad has a proxy server with 27 comps all up total overkill when there are 4 ppl in this family trust a it techie to do that lol my guess that he logs in to the proxy servers web based control panel and just blocks teh port that msn runs on (18.. sumting) so thaks for your help he is happy using meebo when his dad blocks it

p.s i saw his dad turn the TV off with his computer i was like wtf rofl any ideas on how he does this, my gues he has a networked power distributer

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:) glad it worked for ya, as for the TV, it can either be a power distributer, CBUS, or even just a IR rig. though on new TV's that ive seen such as the sony bravio, there is a connection port to interface with a computer / CBUS set up, this is somethink that i would really love to set up ^_^

Ive had a look into setting up the IR version, though the plans i came up with were tacking and involded using 2 IR relays, which then ment taking up 2 power points which isnt ideal when i can just have the remote sitting on the computer desk...

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Since the guy's a bit of a geek he's probably got a media center hooked to his TV. Some of them support the turning on and off of the TV.

This is also why you should be careful. The guy's dad is probably blocking MSN as punishment. Getting around it might impress his dad for one time, but once he notices it don't be too amazed when he cuts all the electricity to his room or something.

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