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Usually the site they are on holds the copyright (if they didn't get them illegally from somewhere else) so try emailing the webmaster of the site (if you're using Google the site is obviously the one you see in the lower frame when you click the thumbnail), and no it isn't legal unless you get their permission.

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This issue is all fucked up..

recently Google won a battle in court ... saying it could make thumbnails of pictures for the search process that they have...

At any rate your on shaky ground... but seriously, stretch the limits. the least they will do is tell you to take it down...

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damn thats a harder one, all images are copyrighted to there creator, though when its copies of fam's paintings and such im not to sure who holds the rights, im thinking if u use a image, and not a self taken picture u should be right. though credit the site were u get them from, even if it is just in the Alt text for the image ^_^, but dont link to the image on another site, its stealing there media and there bandwidth :P

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