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Had they not started issuing takedown notices and going insane about it then it wouldn't have been as noticed. I suppose they don't realize 90% of people who put the key in their sigs and on their sites and everywhere else dont even know how to use it. The only thing that they're doing by issuing notices is making everyone pissed because of the censorship and making it worse.

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Ok, this may be completely n00bish, but could some1 explain it to me what can this code be used for in the "wrong" or right hands? I don't get it. Ok, it kinda passes the digital rights protection thing, but can u explain it to me in more simple terms. I agree that the majority of the people can't actually use this code in any way. I mean, I have it in a notepad file somewhere but it's pointless to me. And if I knew what it actually does, I doubt that I'll actually use it anyways, but I just wanna know. So, any explainations r welcome. Thanks.

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It is/was the digital key used to unlock the DRM scheme used by AACS


http://forum.doom9.org/ is probally the best places to get usable information regarding the actual techniques used.



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