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Batch Help (Runas)


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At work I frequently have to do something on a machine that isn't logged in with administrator, but I hate logging out of the users account, then logging in with the local admin and then logging back out. So, latley, the RUNAS command has been my friend.

I wan't to write a short batch script that will give me a cmd prompt as local admin but I don't want to have to type in the +16 character insane PW. I'm doubting that it's even possible but does anyone else have any experience with this command and such?


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No, look.

Say a computer is missing a peice of software... I come out, throw a cd in and can't install it because that account currently logged in is not an admin...I don't want it to be admin. So I open up a command prompt, and type...

run as /profile /user:%computername%%adminaccount% cmd

Then it prompts for the password and then gives me a prompt with the admin rights. From there I run the exe, close, walk away.

What I'm saying is, to enter the whole 'run as' command and then comined with the blind entering of the huge ass password, it's a pain (small, but a pain nonetheless). Say instead I carry a file that has everything pre entered, so that I don't have to hand type anything, and I get just the cmd prompt I wanted so I can work. In and out, Just like that.

I've gotten as far as the password but I don't know how to get the password to enter itself when needed.

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I understand why... pipeing from echo does not work.... < in from a text file does not work...

Yeah, I've tried those as well. I have a feeling that it's just going to be more complicated that it's worth.

I don't know much about windows, what happens if you try the password hash instead of the actual password?

Also does windows not have any cmd keys or something. I had a similar problem on Linux.


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