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linux firewall


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It depends on what you need from a firewall, as some do a few things very well and others do less well but pack in a shit load of features.

You also have the whole usability thing, as some are easy to setup and configure but don’t work as well as others that can be a nightmare to setup and configure for people new to Linux.

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We run just plain ol iptables at my work. I'd tell you the OS but you know, cant have everyone knowing what it is lol.

I've tried ipcop, sentry and all those sorta ones, but it's all user preference. I prefer to write the iptables, rather then say use a web gui to do it for me.

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I use the default one (or not). i usually don't bother with it though, i'm behind nat and i'm far too lazy for port forwarding AND opening.

still use a firewall on the odd accasion i use windows, though thats more to stop spyware phoning home than anything coming in.

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